Watching the Buffalo Bills play the New York Jets for free at Ford Field

Boy were we happy that we were going to Michigan for Thanksgiving and not some place that was snowed in like Buffalo New York.
The Buffalo Bills were scheduled to play the New York Jets at home but there was so much snow, work crews weren’t able to clear it all off and keep it off for the game on Sunday. On Friday, it was announced that the game would instead move to Detroit Michigan at Ford Field, be played on Monday night, and tickets would be given away for free online starting at 10am Saturday morning.
Donald was right on top of it Saturday morning and good thing because within 10 minutes, all 67,000 tickets were gone.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Michigan

Happy Thanksgiving! Theresa, Ian, Richard, Chi and I all flew up to Michigan to celebrate Thanksgiving with all the family up there. We did quite a few things while we were visiting, so this post will focus on most of the “hanging out” time and the next few posts will get into some of the fun things we did.

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