Touring the Disney Studios in Burbank – Part 2

Well we’ve already seen so much of the Walt Disney Studios in part 1 of this story, but now it’s time to see a little more!
Continuing our journey, we wound up in Legend’s Plaza. This section of the studios pays tribute to all the men and women who’ve made such an impact on the Disney company that they’ve become Legends.

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Touring the Disney Studios in Burbank – Part 1

What a treat we’re in for today! A couple months ago we were discussing our plans for Christmas break with Ruston, saying how all of Theresa’s family was coming to visit us in California. Knowing what big fans they were of Disney, Ruston invited everyone on a tour of where he worked. Disney Studios! When they heard, everyone was really excited!

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Disneyland on Christmas Day

With T’s entire family out visiting for Christmas, one of the things on everybody’s list was a trip to Disneyland! Now Disneyland during the Christmas season is always packed, except of course on the morning of the 25th. Knowing this, we all celebrated Christmas on the 24th so we could head to Disneyland bright and early on Christmas Day!

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Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights

After visiting Sleepy Hollow last year and seeing all the Christmas lights, there was no doubt that we’d be coming back. This year, Theresa’s entire family came out to California to spend Christmas with us, so when it was time to go look at lights, we knew we’d all see them together.
Well, not quite all together. There’s 13 of us right now, so if we were going to drive the neighborhoods, we’d have to split into 3 different cars.
Theresa decided she wasn’t going to have any of that, and as a special treat, she organized a 14 passenger bus to drive us all around Sleepy Hollow.

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