Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009 Hermosa Beach AVP - Day 3

Todd Rogers diving for a ball

Phil Dalhausser can jump really really high

Just out of reach

Phil and Todd celebrating the semi-final win

"Geeter" McGee doing the worm across the court to pump up the crowd

Geeter introducing the "Sexy Beijing Beast" Phil Dalhausser

Phil Dalhausser making a block

Nice Form

Todd Rogers laying out to dig a ball

Phil and Todd celebrating a hard fought point - 2009 Hermosa Beach Champions

Chrissie Zartman - UCLA Alumni - 5'3" and playing in the AVP

Rivalry Match - UCLA vs USC - UCLA Won!

Todd Rogers and Shaquille O'Neil - getting ready to film Shaq Vs.

Shaq, Todd, and Phil - Shaq's head is just below the net height 7'2"

Shaquille O'Neil

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