Monday, November 7, 2011

My favorite photos from our trip to Japan

We arrived at LAX and were ready to fly to Japan.

Just a quick 12 hour flight.

Nothing to see but ocean all the way to the horizon

Waiting for the bus that will take us to the Disney Resort

In Ikspiari, the Tokyo version of Downtown Disney, trying to find the Disney Store.

Lining up to get into Disneyland

This was the line to get in on a Monday. And there were 8 other gates just like this one. Pretty crazy.

Running into the park

Our first ride of the day, Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Hunt

There was some cute merchandise to buy

The sky was really cool.

Lots of Halloween decorations

A cool optical illusion.viewed from the front.

And from the side.

Some tasty treats. A dog bone pasty with bean paste, Mike Wazowski Melon bread, "Corn" bread, a Mickey brownie, and cherry water.

Halloween parade

A chicken sandwich in a Mickey Glove bun

Mike Wazowski's car

Visiting Monsters Inc. Luckily they're after laughter instead of screams

They had a ton of popcorn carts all over the park with lots of different flavors. 
Here they have Honey popcorn right outside of Winnie the Pooh.

Over the whole visit we tried lots of different flavors including: Honey, Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Curry, Black Pepper, Soy Sauce and Butter, Milk Tea, and plain.

We saw lots of cool shows

Even the rain didn't completely stop the parades.  It was smaller yes, but the characters just wore rain jackets

Some awesome pictures in front of the castle

My friend Ruston got a 360 degree view

Views from inside the castle looking into Fantasyland

From one of the balconies on the castle

Sitting down waiting for the Electric Parade

The Haunted Mansion is decorated as Nightmare Before Christmas

And yes, it was rainy

The rain rain rain came down down down, in rushing, rising riv'lets

Main Street is covered here to protect against the weather

We also spent some time at Disney Sea

One of the many shows they had that made use of the huge lagoon

Entering Triton's Kingdom

The inner building was huge and very well decorated

Theresa enjoying some of Ariel's treasures

Playing on the nets

Enjoying some gelato

And Theresa even found a purple sweet potato dessert

Trying to get one of Leonardo da Vinci's flying machines off the ground

On a gondola in the lagoon

The view at night

Exploring Tokyo.  Theresa got a hot sweet potato from a street vendor.

Some cool architecture in downtown Tokyo

The view from the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building

At a local product fair with a demonstration of weaving fabric.  The lady invited me to give it a try!
I did and as soon as I threw the shuttle through, I broke the thread! Yikes!!!
Luckily she just tied it back together, but we all had a good laugh.

At the fish market in Tokyo

Excited cause they found fresh fruit

We stopped off at a department store.  In the basement was a specialty food market.
Have you ever seen a $178/lb (3000 yen/100g) rib eye?  We did.
And right above it was a $292/lb Filet Mignon

A special Halloween pastry

Lunch at a curry house.

At the Imperial Palace Gardens

On the expansive lawn

Enjoying a train ride to Hakone

Taking an aerial gondola over the mountains.

Our pirate ship transportation across the lake

Though the ceiling wasn't quite tall enough for a couple people

Enjoying the beauty of Hakone

We showed our bus driver where we wanted to get off.  After driving for a while, we went up and asked him if we were there yet.  He had driven by it a few miles and told us to get off and transfer.

Finally made it to the hotel

Mt Fuji peeked out from behind the clouds

The next morning

The train to Kyoto

Exploring the temples

Some beautiful gardens

A 5 story pagoda

We couldn't believe how many Torii gates there were.
They just kept going

and going

Then splitting

and going again

up stairs

with stops at shrines

And even friendly wildlife all along the path.

And finally we made it to the top and could look out over cloudy Kyoto

then it was back down down down

After that, we made a fabulous discovery of a chain electronic store with foot massagers and massage chairs to try out.

The Niji palace.

and gardens

McDonalds had some interesting food.  For breakfast I had a McDog and a Mega Muffin, which was 2 sausage patties, cheese, egg, bacon and ketchup.  Wonder how many calories that had.

Would you like to try an octopus on a stick?

At another temple.  This is what Theresa looked like when I had the camera on her.

And what she was really feeling like

See off in the distance.  That's the Kyoto Tower standing at 430 feet.  Our hotel was right by there.  We laughed at how crazy we were the day before walking from here to there when there was a bus.

And then we ended up walking all the way back to our hotel.  Ruston reminded us along the way how we had just mentioned how crazy it was that we had walked to far.

I obviously made some clever remark

Lots of people dressed up. 

After Kyoto, Theresa and I split from Jacob and Ruston and went back to Disneyland

Someone is happy to be back here

A fun drum band

 In front of Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull

Giving Rajah a hug

Enjoying a delicious strawberry soft serve

In front of one of my favorite rides at the park.  Sindbad's Storybook Voyages

The double decker carrousel

Those who doubted the Curry popcorn, here's proof

Trying on some hats at the stores

Fantasmic was done really well on the lagoon

Look out for the dragon Mickey!!!

The Disneyland band welcomes us to Disneyland

Meeting Robin Hood

Sad because Pooh was closed and would be for the next 2.5 months.  Good thing we rode it like 12 times the week before.  And did it 7 times in one day when it was raining.

We saw a fun show for kids called Super-Duper Jumping Time.  The characters all had puppets of themselves to play with.

Getting into the spirit

We took a raft to Tom Sawyer's Island

Getting to go inside the fort.

Where they had a snack bar.  Theresa got their equivalent of Bugles.

A mini version of the electric parade because of the rain.  It made some cool reflections on the ground though.

And with that, we were done with our trip. 

Coming in to Los Angeles

We had an absolutely fantastic time in Japan.  Everyone there was so polite and friendly.  

Eventually I will be posting a more detailed day by day trip report.  You can check the main page of this blog for updates.

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