Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Deliveries!

It's Easter, so Theresa and I had a few deliveries to make!
Theresa had to decide on all the cute stuffed animals.

Lot of bags to fill with candy.  We're sending things to all our nieces and nephews (8) plus putting some baskets on some friend's doorsteps.


Not a bad Easter basket.

 At right around midnight, Theresa and I went out to deliver the baskets.

And on Sunday, the Eli, Josh, Isaac and Emma enjoyed their treats.

It was also a beautiful day in So Cal, so after church in the morning, we hung out with the Bakers enjoyed the great California sunshine.

 And for dinner, the Bakers, Theresa and I all went over to Jacob's house for Easter dinner.  Lacey even made some fruit skewers.

What a great weekend!

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