Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Theresa!

Happy Birthday Theresa!
Duffy happened to be waiting for Theresa at her desk at work and had on a very special outfit for her. 

And there was even a surprise waiting for her at home.  One of our banana trees happened to be growing bananas!  If there's one thing that gets Theresa excited it's fruiting plants.

Not quite the same as you get at the grocery store.  These are mini-bananas.

Two bites and they're gone.  But they taste just like the regular bananas.

The other surprise was a big bunch of roses.

For dinner, we dined on Theresa's favorite foods.  I cooked up some filet mignons, as well as king crab legs.  We rounded out the meal with KFC mashed potatoes and gravy and some King's Hawaiian rolls. 

And dessert was Theresa's favorite funfetti cupcakes!   


Both are comfy in their soft fleece blankets.

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