Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another Disneyland Day with friends

Happy Saturday! We had no plans for the day and our neighbors invited us to join them at Disneyland. Sounds good to me! Alli was ready.

And Ian was all set.

First stop was a delicious Jamba Juice!

Ian is always happy to get his own small Jamba. He actually finished the whole thing without spilling it!

And whenever we're in the area, of course we have to throw some coins in the fountain.

It's our neighbors Elliott and Emmett!

We're glad the horses are still here, but we sure do miss the goats.

First stop for Alli and Emmett was the baby center to eat lunch. First stop for everyone else was the Astro Orbiter. While waiting in line I hear "Joe!" Hey, it's my old office mate Catherine! Small world isn't it.

We've got a climber!

Ian's holding our boarding pass and we're ready to go! Like the matching pirate shirts?

Let's fly!

Leaning forward enough so he can steer.

Hi Gene and Elliott.

Sizing up the next ride. Let's do it.

Having fun together in line. We made sure they weren't hitting anyone while they were enjoying themselves.

Definitely one of his favorites.

And Elliott likes it too.

The Enchanted Tiki Room was our next stop. Ian was really happy for the birds, clapping and saying "Good job birdies!" After this, he was constantly wanting to hear the Tiki Room song, even wanting to sing it before bedtime every night since.

Even Alli enjoyed it. She was transfixed with the bird mobile.

Mmm. Dole Whip. I think Emmett thinks he's going to get some.

The ducks look hungry. Better feed them.

Have a Cheerio!

Time for lunch. I haven't been here since it was the Taste Pilot's Grill. Now it's called the Smoke Jumper's Grill, but the food seems to be pretty similar.

Nice to have a buddy to eat lunch with.

After lunch, we needed to burn off some energy, but on the way we ran into another friend. Ian was really excited to see him.

And when it was his turn, he ran over to him and gave him a great big hug.

Our new favorite place to burn energy. The Wilderness Explorer Camp has plenty of wide open paths to run down.

Caught you Elliott.

Ian, let's go explore the rope climbs. We're really high. Look down! We're like 30 feet off the ground.

Once we got to the other side he continued wanting to look down to the ground.

You want to try going it alone? Brave boy!

And he quickly went through the net up to his thigh.

Super excited. We'll definitely be coming back here more.

Time for the rock slides.

Well we're pushing nap time. Time to say goodbye. Goodbye Elliott!

And within 5 minutes he was completely asleep. That must mean he had a good day.

And stayed asleep until we got home. Alli too! We wore them both out.

Another good day.

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