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Disneyland 2016 Dapper Day weekend - Sunday

Happy Dapper Day at Disneyland!

Last night everyone turned in super early. Lucky for T and I, the kids slept through the night! We're checking out of the hotel today, so the morning was spent packing. Note to self, next time spend an extra day here. I called to try to get a later check-out, but because of the busy weekend, it could not be accommodated. We'll have to check out by 11am, which might be a little dicey because...

We've got breakfast planned at Goofy's Kitchen! About 2 months ago, I invited a bunch of friends to join Theresa and I for breakfast and the response was overwhelming!

 Ian and Elliott enjoyed the car in the lobby while everyone checked in.

Kelly, Sean, and the girls are dressed up in their dapper best. Nice job on the outfits. They're Disney bounding as Lady and the Tramp and the Siamese cats Si and Am.

Theresa and I weren't so brave to dress the kids up yet. We've got to get through breakfast first.

Let's go meet some characters!

Goofy was waiting for us as we entered the restaurant. Great picture!

Hi Goofy!

Our group is 17 large, but I wish we were seated closer together. So who had to sit with Steven? Everyone yelled "Not It!", but Kelly was a little late.

Kidding of course.

Time for the characters to come around! First Ian wanted to make sure Duffy got a hug.

Then he was okay giving Dale a hug.

I wonder what Alli is thinking. Luckily a giant Chipmunk didn't phase her.

Every half hour or so, the characters would all disappear then come back in waving cloths. We joined in waving our napkins along with them.

Peek-a-boo! It's Chip!

Minnie stopped by.

Look at that smile.

With all these young kids, we got plenty of attention from the characters.

Pea got a kick out of grabbing Dale's nose.

And Dale did too.

Can't forget the adults.

I thought the breakfast selection was excellent, with omelets, french toast, Mickey waffles, Mickey pancakes, pastries, and non-breakfast food. Pizza, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and even ice cream!
One of the more interesting selections was a peanut butter and jelly pizza. It came out while Steven and I were standing there. We gave each other an "I will if you will" look, and I have to say I thought it was really good.

Dessert was worms and dirt! Mmm.

Family picture with Dale.

Pluto was really good at making the kids at ease.

The kids enjoyed playing with each other too.

Breakfast was great, and by the time we left at 10:30am, they had already swapped out many of the dishes with foods for lunch. T and I have to get back to the hotel and get checked out quick!

Back at the hotel, it was time to change into our dapper clothes. Alli was a big fan of her purse.

Very nice Ian! After the bellman took our bags for safe keeping, we headed into the park. We were planning to use the hotel entrance to DCA, but security has been really stepped up this weekend. The line to get in looped towards the White Water Snacks and headed back to the Napa Rose. That plus the fact that there were only 2 bag checkers and 100% of the people had to go through the metal detector made us turn around and go back toward the esplanade entrance. It was nuts there too, but much quicker.

As soon as we made it through the turnstiles, I suggested a family picture in front of the train station. Ian, hop out buddy so we can take a picture! Oh... wore him out already.

Walking down Main Street, I told T that if there's any seats open on the porch, It'd like to sit there for a little while and people watch. Luckily for me, there's was one spot open! We parked Ian in the stroller right in front and took a seat.
Aww, cute photo Alli and T.

Eventually Alli got tired and decided to sleep too. While hanging out on the porch, Jacob and Ruston came to join us. Just in time for Ian to wake up

Now which ride should we go on? Hmm.

Yeah, no surprise there. Off to the carrousel.

Because of all the ladies in dresses today, they made a special announcement that if you're riding side-saddle, please face inwards.

He sure loves this ride.

The Disneyland Pearly band started playing nearby just before we started moving. I love how Ian's making Duffy clap along to the music, then secures him as we start moving.

After the carrousel, we were able to convince Jacob to get on it's a small world. Only a 10 minute wait right now!

The kids enjoyed the singing, and everyone enjoyed the AC.

I was hoping to get a great family picture of us all dressed up, but this was the best we got. I blame Ruston for making the kids smile, but not having them look at the camera.

As luck would have it, our Club 33 friends were at the parks for Dapper Day too. They invited Kelly and family up to the club for a quick tour to see the main dining room and the new lounge. After the tour, Chip and Dale were in the lobby entertaining guests. The personalized attention the kids get here is amazing.

Sophie really enjoyed the attention.

And loved playing the harpsichord with Dale.

Family picture.

He loves these guys.

And Duffy always gets attention too.

One of my favorite photos from the entire trip. Time to get moving to the Grand Californian Lobby. We've got an unofficial Micechat meetup to get to.

Kelly had organized an unofficial meetup a few weeks early for members of the Micechat forums who were interested in putting a face behind a screen name. Turned out that it was really just a sub-set of the breakfast group. No worries. We all like each other and enjoyed chatting for an hour. The kids played with each other on the ground, sharing snacks and toys.

Mikayla enjoyed playing with all the kids.

Finally someone new! Jayce showed up shortly before we left.
Let's do a group photo! It's getting late and almost time to head home. But we need to meet up with one more family.

Our neighbors Gene and Grace were at breakfast, but we didn't get much chance to hang out today. Back into DCA for a quick visit.

Ian and Elliott play together all the time at home, so they click right away.

Looking good guys.

One last group picture, then it's time to go home.

We had a great time saying on property for Dapper Day weekend. To me, those 2 days passed really quickly. I wish we'd had a chance to make it to the Expo, but oh well. Next time.
Time to start planning Fall Dapper Day now! You can already make hotel reservations!

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