Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rainy day at Disneyland

The forecast is clear and it's Saturday morning. Jacob's annual pass is expiring in a couple weeks so let's go to Disneyland with him!
Well even though the forecast said 0% precipitation, and even though the weather app currently says it's not, it's raining. No problem though! Hopefully it'll keep the crowds down!

June 11th has been declared "Speak Like A Whale" day and they're handing out buttons to everyone who enters. 

To celebrate, and to hopefully allow this rain to blow over, we went over to ride the Finding Nemo submarines. This is a first for the kids!

Only a 10 minute wait at the beginning of the day.

It's still a bit rainy, and it's a good thing T was holding on to the handrail. Coming down the stairs to get into the subs it was very slippery. Ian was excited but a little nervous. As soon as he saw it wasn't scary, he wanted to sit in the seat all by himself.

And Alli was equally interested in seeing what was going on in the water. Okay, time to watch Finding Nemo when we get home.

Still raining after we got off, and the weather app still says 0% precipitation right now. That isn't going to help us much to determine when it should let up.

The ducks must feel right at home though.

Last week we purchased the Annual Passholder refillable popcorn bucket and refillable drink cup. Only $1 for a popcorn refill, $1 for a soft drink refill, or $1.50 for a frozen drink refill. We'll start the day with popcorn and a cherry lemonade.

Where's the next place we can get out of the rain? Definitely not Dumbo! The carroussel of course!

Alli is really starting to enjoy particular Disney rides!

And Ian really loves his sister.

There's my happy girl.

Still raining... Next ride to get us inside is it's a small world!

The rain has started to let up, but a lot of rides are still closed. Ian and Alli waiting patiently while T fills up on more popcorn.

And another drink refill. At the end of the day, we had 7 drink refills and 2 popcorn refills. These AP refill containers will have paid themselves off in no time!

Feeding the ducks with some cheap popcorn.

Ian attracted quite the crowd. Probably had 20 ducks all wanting popcorn by the time he was done.

After months, today I was finally able to experience Hyperspace Mountain! Jacob snagged us a couple fastpasses this morning on the way while we were heading to Nemo.

I enjoyed it, and I really liked how dark the beginning was. Then the jump to hyperspace was really cool. Jacob, who had been on it a few times before said many of the screens and effects weren't working this time. Oh well. Still fun.

T was taking the kids through multiple rides on Winnie the Pooh while we were off riding roller coasters.

While we're here, might as well grab some lunch. With no one having strong feelings for anything in particular, the Hungry Bear will suffice. Ian enjoyed his chicken nuggets, but more so the ranch dipping sauce. Ian said "I can dip my banana in it?" No sir.

I'd hear good things about the churro funnel cake and after we finished our meal, the four of us decided to split one. Love the whipped cream Mickey on top.

Hey! None of that now!

Alli just started eating Cheerios, but she's still working on those fine motor skills. Behold the Cheerio graveyard beneath the highchair. The cast member who was cleaning the area came by and I apologized for the mess. He said not to worry about it, that he has a grandson the same age and he does the same thing. As he started sweeping up those Cheerios though, Alli gave him a "what do you think you're doing with my Cheerios" look.

Time to start wrapping up our day. On our way to the Tiki Room we went through Frontierland because Adventureland it always to crowded. And I was really happy we did too! It's been forever since we've seen Farley! He was entertaining everyone and gave us special attention when we stuck around for a while. He played classics like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, it's a small world, and Wheels on the Bus for Ian and Alli.

I love Farley's big smile and easy going demeanor. He makes my Disneyland experience that much better. High five for Ian.

Farley asked if we had fun? Of course we did! Well if you had fun with Farley, you get a sticker! Ian that and wouldn't put it down for the rest of the day. Thanks Farley!

Over at the Tiki Room, we ran into Maynard! What a character he is.

Ian wasn't so sure about him messing with his bear.

One of Ian's favorite rides here. He requests it every time we come now and he loves to sing along. Even Alli is starting to get into it. She'll stare at the birds then jump up and down when they start singing.

A good day at Disneyland.

See you later Jacob! Make sure you renew your annual pass so we can keep doing these trips!

Remember that sticker he got nearly an hour and a half ago? Yep, he's still holding on to it.

Funny guy.

And the drive home ends like most drives home from Disneyland.

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