Sunday, January 6, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019!

After getting back from Colorado, we had a day to ourselves and were then joined by Theresa's sister and her family. The kids love having their older cousins around.

T saved one of my Christmas presents until I got home. It's my own personal cotton candy machine! I've always wanted one of these!

Ian really likes playing "store" right now. He had T make him an OPEN/CLOSED sign and he sits behind the counter trying to sell us his toys.

He's got a cash register back there and everything.

Currently closed while he finds more things to sell.
While we were in Colorado, Gram got him what I think it one of his favorite presents this year. His very own tape dispenser with plenty of tape. This boy loves tape and he's using it for everything. Time to flip the sign around? Needs tape. Making a card for someone. Tape.

After selling his own toys, he started making things himself. As far as I know, this was all him just being creative. He made paper stuffed animals, a Bronco orange and blue box, some drawings he made, and two paper plates he taped together to make drums. At the end of the day, all his paper stuffed animals sold, so maybe he'll learn something about what his customer base wants.

Storytime with Ethan.

Gingerbread house decorating with Aubrey.

That turned out really good!

Aubrey does such a good job thinking of fun things to do with the kids.
She planned a whole New Years Eve Party, with invitations for everyone! The day before New Years Eve, she got lots of stuff from the 99 cent store and planned lots of treats.

Here you go Uncle Ty.

Every party needs food. Aubrey and the kids made so many treats

Chi made everyone a delicious Korean meal.

And we had a lot of fun bowling.

Then ate Korean food again for lunch.

Happy New Years! Party balloons and party streamers.

Plus party hats and a bunch of treats. Very nice Aubrey. It looks amazing.

Starting the year off right. Brownies and chocolate skewers.

Fruit skewers and cookies.

Dipped strawberries and dipped pretzels. Whew. She's been busy.

At 7pm, everyone put on their party hats and we celebrated New Years wherever it happened to be.

Happy New Year!

For everyone else, we watched movies all the way up until 11:50pm. Alright ladies, wake up. It's time to celebrate the new year.

And the next morning, Alli's dollies celebrated too.

We'll see what kinds of new adventures this new year brings!


  1. Happy New Year! What a treat feast for NYE by Aubrey....a lot of work went into all that planning and creating...good job! I liked those celebrating dolls...very cute. Maybe trying to recreate the dole whip cotton candy flavor can be a 2019 adventure-project :-) Alli and Ian are truly blessed to have loving family from BOTH sides of the family (and both T & Joe are really blessed to have great in-laws!!!)

    1. Aubrey is pretty amazing.
      Ooh, I wasn't even thinking about that Dole Whip cotton candy. I was disappointed in the one from Disneyland. I wonder if I could make it better. Good idea.
      Very blessed.