Sunday, January 7, 2007

2007 Walt Disney World Marathon

Photos from the 2007 Walt Disney World Marathon


  1. You heeded the "Go the Distance" mantra well!!! Great job finishing the "challenge" (kudos for still standing, walking, and smiling to the very end!) You also managed to get A LOT of keepsake photos, too. Disney brought out so many characters, including many villains. Are the photo ops all towards the beginning and middle, or are they spaced out to help encourage the runners along the long trek? Along with your Disney hat collection, looks like your race medal collection is humongous and unique, too. EOM

    1. My favorite Disney character and my favorite Disney saying, right there encouraging me. It was encouraging to see it on the running path.
      All those characters are what totally makes the Disney races worth it for me. At WDW since everything is on Disney property, the characters are well spread out. You do see more of them in each of the parks, but they still did a good job keeping the miles between the parks interesting.
      Yes, I do have a pretty good running medal collection, but no good way to show them off. Right now they all live in a small box in a closet.