Monday, May 18, 2009

2009 The First Flowers Disneyland Scavenger Hunt

A long long time ago, before Theresa and I even knew about Minnie's Moonlit Madness, the Gumball Rally, or MouseAdventure, we decided to create our very own scavenger hunt around Disneyland.

We sent out the invitation and got 5 groups of friends to spend the day at the park running around in the quest for glory. It's a beautiful day for a scavenger hunt.

Here's the questions each team received.
2009 Disneyland Scavenger Hunt Questions.pdf

Cast Member's hometowns are on their name badges. One question had teams finding cast members who were the furthest away from Anaheim.

We met cast members from Greece.

Guadalajara Mexico.



The Phillipines

And Spain

(150 points) Take a picture with a cast member with your name or nickname, or the name of the event organizers, Joe or Theresa.

Teams could get some easy points if they got their photo in front of the castle.

And got even more points if they got their photo with Mickey.

Everyone knows I love hats, right?
I showed teams 3 different hats. Their job was to find someone in the park wearing that hat and get a photo with them.

Overall, I think everyone had a fun (though definitely tiring time) wandering around the park solving clues.

After running around all day, everyone headed back to our house for a BBQ dinner while we tallied the scores. 

First place was... Ruston and Jacob! Congratulations guys!!!
Second place was... a tie? Seriously? All those points possible and it's a tie? Congratulations to Jonathan and Lacey and also Alvin and Christina. 

This ended up being the first and only scavenger hunt we ended up hosting. It was fun putting the scavenger hunt together, but it's even more fun participating in them!


  1. WOW...what a scavenger hunt!!! I looked at the questions first, before going through the post, and thought "150"??? Whoa...serious effort and time to put together and execute...and then fun and full day of searching out the answers by the "elite 10." Great job Joe & Theresa as hosts, and great hunting by the ten...and congrats to the winners and participants. I didn't think that "jester hat" (not sure what else to call it) was going to be an easy find (if at all), but their observant eyes found it! A lot of fun photos of the participants showing off their "finds"!! Also amazing to find home countries so far around the world (e.g., Kenya, Kuwait) Btw, since you tantalized with the questions, any plans to put forth the answers (where applicable)? If not, that's okay, too, since you may want to save the questions/answers for some other occasion. Thanks for sharing a fun scavenger adventure. EOM

    1. It was quite a lot of work to put together, and it gave me a new level of respect for the people that do organize these sorts of things.
      I should print it out again and see how the kids do. Hmm. Perhaps in the future.