Sky Zone Sports – JB's Birthday

To celebrate Jonathan’s birthday, Lacey organized a surprise party at Sky Zone Sports.  She didn’t tell him anything about it.  She blindfolded him and drove him to our house, then kept him blindfolded as we drove to the Sky Zone.
I think the last time I was on a trampoline was 2-3 years ago at Donald’s house.  All these trampolines together in one place was awesome!

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Erie Apple Orchard

Another tradition in Michigan is visiting the Erie Apple Orchard.

Normally we head back to the U-Pick apples and walk up and down the rows
sampling different varieties. Unfortunately Michigan had a really warm
March which caused the trees to bud, then a few weeks of below freezing
temperatures.  Erie Orchards was one of the only places left that still
had U-Pick apples because of how close they are to Lake Erie. 
Finding apples on the trees this year was difficult.  One of our group likened it to an Easter Egg hunt.
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Pumpkin Carving in Michigan

It’s tradition to carve pumpkins while we’re up in Michigan.  The turnout was a little lighter this year.  Rita’s running the Detroit Marathon the next day so her and Tyler are skipping it.  Rich and Chi also decided not to do one.  The good part of carving this year was that the kids can carve almost entirely on their own.

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Flowers & Bees Honey!

Earlier this year, my Dad started getting into bee keeping.  Summer is just about over and it’s time to harvest the honey!  Not long after collecting it, Theresa and I got a fantastic package in the mail.  Mmm.

You can read more about setting up the hive and getting the bees on my Dad’s site here.

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