3rd place Minnie's Moonlit Madness medals plus lunch with Ruston and Jacob

Imagine the following.  Jacob, Theresa, and I all line up in Ruston’s living room.  Ruston starts playing the following music.

He walks down the line putting our third place medals from Minnie’s Moonlit Madness over our necks as we each make a small bow.  Once he’s done, Jacob then takes his medal and places it around Ruston’s neck.  We each wave to nobody in general and we’re all smiling from ear to ear.   I wasn’t expecting the medals to be so nice!  They’re pretty big medals, plus they’ve got the logo from this year’s madness on it.

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Princess Fantasy Faire and Geppetto's missing mustache

Also on Thursday, Theresa and I made a quick stop over to the brand new Princess Fantasy Faire at Disneyland.

Theresa was excited to learn that there are new treats here now and you can’t get them anywhere else in the park.  We made a quick stop by Maurice’s Treats.  Theresa got a strawberry twist and thought it was delicious.

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Easter Egg Hunt at Disneyland

When I read on the Disney Blog that there was an Easter Egg hunt at Disney California Adventure, I knew Theresa would want to go do it.  Sure enough, when I mentioned it, her first words were “When are we going!”  It’s part of the Limited Time Magic at Disneyland and it’s only going from Monday March 18th through Sunday March 24th.  Strange that they’re ending it a week before Easter…

I had previously read about the Easter Egg hunt they have at Tokyo Disneyland and was excited they were going to be bringing something similar here!
On Thursday, we left work at 3pm and headed to the parks!  We grabbed our stickers and clue sheet at Oswald’s as soon as we entered DCA and for just $5 got our map and stickers.

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Taco Bell and the Cool Ranch Doritos Taco

They can’t all be trips to Disneyland or the Botanic Gardens.  Sometimes we just go to Taco Bell.  This time though we’re on a special mission.  How do you make a regular taco even better?  If you’re like me, you’ll say remove the lettuce and tomatoes and add more meat and cheese.  But to make it even better than that, you add seasoning to the taco shell.

As you’re likely already aware, Taco Bell has a taco with a Nacho Cheese Doritos shell.  Well just recently they’ve started selling the same taco with a Cool Ranch Doritos shell.  When I suggested to Theresa that we check it out, she was more enthusiastic than I was expecting.
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A picnic at South Coast Botanic Garden

It’s a beautiful day in Southern California.  After getting a year membership to South Coast Botanic Garden last weekend while Theresa’s parents were visiting, we decided we should come back for a Sunday picnic lunch.

I hope all these plants aren’t upset at us for eating salad in front of them…
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