Beach Volleyball in Hermosa

Besides Disney, my other favorite pastime is being on the beach and playing beach volleyball.
Ever since T and I moved out here 10 years ago and took a beginners beach class, I’ve enjoyed it. That class happened to be on Wednesdays and every summer since then we still get together and play.
Big thanks to my friend and co-worker Henry for taking all these shots. I’m always busy playing and never take the time to take pictures.

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2013 Disneyland Half Marathon – my 8th year running it!

Ready to run a half marathon?
Lights out was at 11:30pm. I already knew it was going to be a short night of sleep. I had dreamt I was running the Disneyland Half Marathon and had already finished and when the alarm went off at 3am, it was a little disappointing.
I left the house at 3:30am and because the freeways were empty arrived at the Mickey & Friends parking structure right around 4am. The wait at the parking booths was only 3-4 cars deep. Well since everything went so quick this morning, I’m pretty early. I hung out in the car, snacking on a banana and a strawberry poptart. An hour before the race started, I took off for the corral.

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