Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tahiti - Part 1

Theresa and I had a great time on our vacation to Tahiti.

Here's some of our favorite photos

The view from our first hotel.  We spent the first night on the island of Tahiti.
Theresa by the pool.

Black sand beaches.  They were kindof like walking in loose soil.

The bay behind the hotel. 

Theresa walking on water? 

We took the ferry the next morning to the island Moorea.  This was waiting for us.

We even got a rainbow when we went snorkeling.

With a very faint double rainbow.

Our porch over the water.

Inside our room.

How Theresa spent most of her time in the water.

Did you know snorkeling improves 10x when you bring the fishes food?

Instead of swimming away when they see you coming, they come to you!

We bought folding bicycles for the trip.  We used them to get to the supermarket that was 4 miles away.

Theresa's favorite fish.

Is it a maze?  Start at the mouth and try to get to the tail.

We always found these fish in pairs.

Whenever we tossed food from the porch this guy would come out.  He was huge and had quite a few teeth.

One of the stranger fish we saw.

Gill from Finding Nemo?

This guy scared Theresa when she realized he wasn't a rock.

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