Monday, July 5, 2010

Tahiti - part 2

Did I mention that fish like bread?

Theresa has 10 fish in this photo all staring at that piece of bread.

This guy was a little scary.  Yes, those are teeth.

Lots of cool little stuff growing around the reef.

Some sort of sea star with tons of spikes.  We saw them moving around at night.  I'd guess maybe 16 legs or so on each one.

The octopus was really good at blending in.

This guy was just chilling on top of some coral.

We went out kayaking.  This is looking back towards our bungalows.

Looking out over the water at sunset.

Can you hear the hissing as the sun goes below the water?

You've heard of the green flash just as the sun sets, right?

The sharks came out only after the sun went down.  We never did see any when we were snorkeling.

The view from our porch as the sun sets.

The stars were out.

A shooting star in the upper left.

Looking back into the Milky Way perhaps?

The view from our porch and stars on the horizon.

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