Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Minnie's Moonlit Madness Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions

1. What Disney channel original series features two best friends on a dance show?
a. sonny with a chance
b. the suite life on deck
c. shake it up
d. phineas and ferb
e. Hannah Montana

2. Which of the following Disney produced films has not been made into a production on Broadway
a. the lion king
b. beauty and the beast
c. finding nemo
d. Tarzan
e. Mary poppins.

3. In which California city is the Walt Disney family museum located
a. Burbank
b. San Francisco
c. Emeryville
d. Anaheim
e. Glendale

4. who is not a member of captain eo's crew?
a. major domo
b. commander bogg
c. hooter
d. minor domo
e. fuzzball

5. what abc family original series is based on a series of novels?
a. the secret life of the American teenager
b. melissa and Joey
c. pretty little liars
d. make it or break it
e. Greek

6. the prince of Persia sands of time is based on what
a. graphic novel
b. video game
c. book series
d. TV series
e. true story

7. on which island is aulani located
a. Maui
b. Oahu
c. Kauai
d. Molokai
e. Hawaii

8. what is the computer operating system displayed on the console in Kevin Flynn’s hidden lab in the film tron legacy?
a. pc dos 1.1
b. solaros 4.0.1
c. Atari 2600
d. apple dos 3.3
e. Mac os 6

9. what is the name of the rival camp in camp rock 2?
a. camp country
b. camp rap
c. camp star
d. camp divas
e. camp high school musical

10. Walt Disney partnered with the company founded by dr. axel lennart wenner-gren to develop which of the following Disneyland park attractions
a. skyway to fantasyland and skyway to tomorrowland
b. monorail
c. Matterhorn bobsleds
d. Monsanto house of the future
e. honey, I shrunk the audience

11. which is not a series of vinylmation?
a. urban
b. princess
c. park
d. holiday
e. Muppets

12. in which Disneyland resort mountain do you find a tribute to the legacy of former Disney president frank wells goal to climb the tallest peak on each continent?
a. Matterhorn
b. big thunder mountain
c. splash mountain
d. grizzly peak
e. space mountain

13. Patrick and Ben Gates are the father and son team from what Walt Disney picture film series
a. pirates of the Caribbean
b. national treasure
c. the Santa clause
d. the parent trap
e. spy kids

14. of the five short films nominated in 1938 for best short subject (cartoon), which of the following titles was not produced by Walt Disney?
a. brave little tailor
b. Ferdinand the bull
c. good scouts
d. hunky and spunky
e. mother goose goes to Hollywood

15. which first lady has worked with Disney channel stars on the magic of healthy living campaign to promote smart eating habits and exercise?
a. Michelle Obama
b. Hillary Clinton
c. Laura Bush
d. Betty Ford
e. Nancy Reagan

16. the first recipient of the Disney legacy award was
a. ub iwerks
b. marc Davis
c. Ollie Johnston
d. Fred macmurray
e. Richard m Sherman

17. in abc's castle, what is Richard castle's profession?
a. police officer
b. news reporter
c. novelist
d. fbi agent
e. spaceship captain

18. in 1935 science fiction author h. g. wells arranged for Walt Disney to meet which famous celebrity, whom Walt had long admired
a. Charlie Chaplin
b. Albert Einstein
c. Amelia Earhart
d. Clark gable
e. will Rogers

19. making their first appearance in a 1932 Disney comic strip, who were the characters of morty and ferdy
a. nephews of peg leg Pete
b. nephews of Pluto
c. nephews of Clarabelle
d. nephews of Minnie mouse
e. nephews of Mickey mouse

20. what was the first Disney film to be available for purchase on a 3d blu-ray disc?
a. Alice in wonderland
b. a Christmas carol
c. tron legacy
d. chicken little
e. toy story 3

21. who is Perry the platypus' arch nemesis?
a. doc terminus
b. major monogram
c. dr. drakken
d. admiral boom
e. dr doofenshmirtz

22. which of the following is not a current Disney online subscription game?
a. pirates of the Caribbean
b. pixie hollow
c. club penguin
d. toontown online
e. virtual magic kingdom

23. what former Disney channel animated series is the basis for the current Verizon wireless sponsored adventure around epcot
a. house of mouse
b. lizzie McGuire
c. the proud family
d. Kim possible
e. talespin

24. in 2010, the Muppets began a new web series called "the Muppets kitchen" with which famous celebrity chef.
a. Robert Irvine
b. Guy Fieri
c. nigella Lawson
d. Paula Deen
e. Cat Cora

25. featuring steak and eggs and eggs Benedict on its breakfast menu, the restaurant steakhouse 55 is located where in the Disneyland resort
a. Disney’s grand Californian hotel and spa
b. Disneyland park
c. Disney California adventure park
d. Disneyland hotel
e. Disney’s paradise pier hotel

26. which pop princess provided the voice for rapunzel in Disney’s tangled?
a. Mandy Moore
b. Jessica Simpson
c. Britney spears
d. Christina Aguilera
e. miley Cyrus

27. in the Walt Disney pictures films, the sorcerer’s apprentice, which one of Merlin’s apprentices betrayed him
a. Balthazar Blake
b. veronica gorloisen
c. maxim Horvath
d. morgana le fay
e. David stutler

28. where would you have once expected to hear the word "kungaloosh?"
a. le visionarium at Disneyland Paris
b. adventurers club at pleasure island
c on board the swan boats of magic kingdom park
d. Cinderella castle mystery tour at Tokyo Disneyland
e. the corner of harbor blvd and Broadway

29. the world of tron became a part of which Disneyland park attraction in 1982
a. rocket rods
b. rocket jets
c. circlevision 360
d. peoplemover
e. space mountain

30. which well known animator at the age of 14 designed the first Mickey mouse doll?
a. chuck Jones
b. bob clampett
c. Joe Barbera
d. ub iwerks
e. max Fleischer

31. who "launched an attack" on pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland park during the attractions’ opening ceremonies
a. capt jack sparrow
b. golden horseshoe revue star Wally boag
c. treasure island star bobby discoll
d. peter pan and captain hook
e. Roy e Disney

32. the musical duo known as daft punk is comprised of French musicians Thomas Bangalter and
a. guy-manuel de homern-christo
b. christo-manuel guy de homen
c. manual-christo homen de guy
d. guy-christo manuel de homen
e chrsto guy yuno hooman

33. at the age of 13, Walt Disney signed up for children’s art classes at which art institution
a. Kansas city art institute, Kansas city, MO
b. Kansas city art institute, Kansas city, KS
c. art institute of Chicago, Chicago IL
d. Chicago academy of fine arts, Chicago IL
e. ub iwerks art work institute, Kansas city, mo

34. in 1983, Disney channel .. the adventures of André and Wally b. what was the name of the company who produced this short
a. industrial light and magic
b. Walt Disney productions
c. Pixar
d. omation
e. DreamWorks

35. which makeup line carried a limited edition collection based on Disney villains
a sephora
b. MAC
c too faced
d bare minerals
e urban decay

36. the character of Casey jr. made his first appearance in which of the following films
a. the brave engineer
b. dumbo
c. the reluctant dragon
d. Casey at the bat
e. Mickey’s circus

37. following the popular event called glow fest, what nighttime event took over Hollywood pictures backlot at Disney California adventure park in fall 2010
a. tron legacy
b. electronica
c. trontopia
d. videotronica
e tronopolis

38. who was the mascot of tomorrowland's hall of aluminum fame in 1955
a. alu-man
b. space man
c. tom morrow
d. garco
e. kap the kaiser aluminum pig

39. which of the following is not one of the films being used for the planned themed areas at Disney’s art of animation resort now under construction at Walt Disney World?
a. the lion king
b. cars
c. the little mermaid
d. finding nemo
e. toy story

40. which of the following was not one of Walt Disney’s nine old men?
a. marc Davis
b. Ollie Johnston
c. john lounsberry
d. Xavier x atencio
e. ward Kimball

41. the first multiplane camera was invented by which Disney animator and director
a. Ollie Johnston
b. milt kahl
c. ub iweks
d. Wolfgang reitherman
e. don hahn

42. celebration in the air, is the name of an anniversary celebration at which Disney theme park
a. Disneyland park
b. magic kingdom park
c. Tokyo Disneyland
d. Hong Kong Disneyland
e. Disneyland Paris

43. which beast must Alice slay in Disney’s Alice in wonderland directed by Tim Burton
a. mome raths
b. bandersnatch
c. caterpillar
d. jabberwock
e. the Cheshire cat

44. during world war 1, Walt Disney contributed cartoon to the newspaper for what high school
a. McKinley high school
b. Kennedy high school
c. Kansas city high school of the arts
d. south high school
e. loara high school

45. what was the first g rated film to be released by touchstone pictures
a. Tim Burton’s the nightmare before Christmas
b. gnomeo and Juliet
c. the Santa clause
d. the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
e. who framed roger rabbit

46. what future Disney character did Walt Disney once portray in a school play?
a peter pan
b. Hiawatha
c. prince charming
d. capt john smith
e. Mickey mouse

47. on what day of the week is the TV show Bolt aired in Disney’s Bolt
a. Monday
b. Tuesday
c. Wednesday
d. Thursday
e. Friday

48. which series on Disney xd features heroes such as captain America, thor and iron man
a. the avengers
b. the avengers: earth's mightiest heroes
c. the super hero squad show
d. the avengers united they stand
e. x-men evolution

49. which dancing with the stars professionals choreographed a dance for toy story 3
a. tony dovolani and Cheryl burke
b. Derek Hough and Kym Johnson
c. chelsie Hightower and Dmitry chaplain
d. Karina Smirnoff and Louis van amstell
e. maksim chmerkovskiy and lacey schwimmer

50. for the past two years, who has moderated the panels that featured TRON legacy at san Diego comic-con
a. wil Wheaton
b. jack black
c. Patton oswalt
d. Zachary Levi
e. Johnny depp

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