Saturday, September 17, 2011

The pumpkins are back at Disneyland Big Thunder Ranch

Every year during Halloween-time, back at Big Thunder Ranch, Disneyland brings in some great pumpkin carvers. This year we got to talk with a carver who also created the giant Pongo (40 foot) and Perdita (38 foot) statues at the All Star Disney Resort in Florida.

We're only into the first weekend of Halloween-time and there's already lots of great pumpkins and there are sure to be many more as we get closer to Halloween.

I love how they update the floral Mickey at the entrance.

 Though I have to say my favorite one was from back in 2006 when they used pumpkins to form the Mickey. (not my photo)
 Mickey has a mask! by krisjaus, on Flickr


  1. Those pumpkin carvers are sooooooooooooooo talented. Their creations were so beautiful/amazing to see, and were an added plus to the Halloween festivities! It's unfortunate they're no longer part of the Halloween Time festivities. Great hat...hadn't seen that one (I think). What an extra treat/honor to talk with the carver who also created Pongo & Perdita! EOM

    1. I was sad to see the carvers go. I'm always looking for things that are "new" and "creative" at Disneyland. I remember during one of those Long Lost Friends gatherings at the Festival Arena, they had 3 Disney artists out who would draw you any character you wanted. I watched as one artist created stunning sketch after stunning sketch. Wish they'd bring more of that back.