Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Disneyland with the family

One of the last things we did was head out to Disneyland.  On Jan 3rd the park was supposed to be pretty dead.  It turned out to be a little busier than we were expecting, but at least it was better than the record 100,000 people crowds from just a week before.
Donald, Amy and the kids, and Tyler, Rita and the kids all headed to Disneyland as soon as it opened.  We showed up a little later at 9:30 with Rich and Chi.

After getting Fastpasses for World of Color, the main thing everyone wanted to see that day, we headed back to California Screamin.  This was Ethan's favorite ride of the day.

Next Amy, the kids, and me all rode the swings.

California Soarin is a favorite of everyone.  We all waited to get front row seats.

Back at Disneyland all the kids enjoyed pin trading

Amy, Theresa and me all rode the Holiday Haunted Mansion.

Just an ordinary gingerbread house.  And the whole room smells like delicious gingerbread.

And then it turns into a giant monster house!

Tyler, Ethan and Austin all enjoyed Big Thunder Mountain while we were on Haunted Mansion.

Back at California Adventure for one more ride on Soarin before we got in line for World of Color.  Our fastpasses said to line up at 7pm for the 8pm show.  I got over to where you line up around 6:30 and there were already people lining up.  I was probably behind 50 people.  I was really hoping I'd still get a good viewing area.

Luckily enough we got at the very front of one of the spots I was trying for.  World of Color unfortunately has a very poorly designed viewing area and you really have to be right at the front of a section if you want a good view.  If you're even 2-3 people back, you aren't going to have much luck since the entire plaza is flat.

We waited an hour and then the show started.

It was beautiful like usual.  This is the fourth time I've seen it and it's always amazing.  It was also great standing next to Donald.  Hearing all the "Wow!!"s and "Oh my!!"'s coming from him made it even better.

Our only photo on the whole trip with everyone in it.

We got home pretty late.  Around 10:30ish.  Aubrey had been requesting smoothies ever since I mentioned that I could make them.  This was her last night, so I didn't have any choice.  Everyone loved them like usual.  Now they just have to get to the airport by 5:30am the next morning to catch a plane.

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  1. This is Abby, I love all the pictures! They're so amazing! It was really fun and I really miss you guys and California itself.:[ Love you guys, and can't wait to come again.