Monday, January 2, 2012

Painting with the Federles

One of the things on the list of possibilities was painting.  Theresa and I have created 30-40 of these to decorate her office plus a few we've given as gifts. 

Just an aside, all these paintings were designed by Allison Lefcort.  She's done so many beautiful Disney paintings and you can find her website here.
Everyone in the Federle family made their own.  I started by painting the canvases completely white and then we traced the pictures on canvas in pencil.  Then it was just a matter of filling in the areas with the right color paint.  Not too hard at all.

Rita made a fun Eeyore for her classroom at school.  She was very meticulous and took hours longer than anyone else.  It definitely showed in her finished painting through.  Super smooth lines and it looks great.  Now if only she hadn't used a whole tube of paint to mix her background color.

Aubrey chose to do a classic Winnie the Pooh.  Everyone was impressed by how good her painting turned out.  I was available to help, but she did just about everything on her own.  I only smoothed out some of her gray lines until she got the hang of it.

Ethan and Theresa painted one of Ethan's favorite characters: Pluto!  Theresa did a bit of work on this one, doing detail work and fine lines, but Ethan did a lot of the big wide areas by himself. 

Tyler chose a classic Mickey Mouse.  A little off the norm using a green background instead of the classic Mickey red, but it really turned out well.

And I started working on my giant castle.  Nice job guys!

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