Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tyler's Thomas Kinkade Puzzle

On December 31st, we finally finished the 1000 piece Thomas Kinkade puzzle Tyler got in his stocking. 

Tyler started everyone off by doing the edges and then getting pieces sorted into colors.  Not too long after that, I started helping.  The hardest part was the Christmas tree in the middle.  All the pieces looked the same with no real distinguishing lines or colors.

Theresa came over and helped on the last day.  Amazingly after ~3 days with loose pieces just sitting out on the table, we completed the puzzle with no missing pieces.  Wow.  And shortly after we finished, Tyler went to Target to buy puzzle glue so this thing would never come apart again.


  1. where was the puzzle bought can't find this one anywhere

    1. Hmm. If I remember correctly, it was available at Target. It was a few years ago though.