Friday, December 30, 2011

Pinks Hot Dogs

Not content to just end the day at Huntington Gardens, we then hit another LA landmark.  Pinks Hot Dogs.  They're famous for naming their specialty hot dogs. 

The skies were beautiful as we pulled up.  I'm hoping I can get skies like this on the beach sometime.

There's always a line in front of Pinks.  We had plenty of time to figure out our order.

The kids were excited when we told them that Pinks was in the Muppet movie that we had just watched a couple days earlier.  We pulled out our phones and showed them the clip.

50 minutes after getting in line, we were at the order window.

Looks tasty yes?

From left to right, the 12" jalapeno dog, the Today Show dog with 2 dogs chili and guac, and the Bacon Cheddar Chili dog.

She's smiling now, but after a few bites, she said she only wants to eat her fat free 50 calorie dogs from now on.  Out of all of them, I liked the jalapeno dog the best. 

Thanks Donald for treating everyone to dinner!

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