Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aquarium of the Pacific

Seems like the days are packed with the family in town.  On the 28th we all headed out to Aquarium of the Pacific, a local aquarium down in Long Beach.  

Being a group of 12 we qualified for the group discount.

Ethan scared Mrs. Chi with a stuffed animal sting ray.  He got smacked by her and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

At the shark touch tank, they are getting fed.  No touching at this time because fingers look a lot like shrimp.

Not a touch tank, but you can see some bigger sharks.  

They even had the black tipped reef sharks like we saw when we were in Tahiti.

 After a while, we were allowed to touch them again.

 Amy was a tad hesitant

and then a little grossed out

The seals were really active.  They were chasing each other all over the tank.

Lots of beautiful jellyfish

A toad?

The kids all got a great front row view of the main aquarium.

And then a diver came out and talked to us

while this fish constantly swam through the bubbles coming from his mask.

We headed outside for lunch in the beautiful California sunshine and tried to avoid getting "bombed" by the sea gulls.  Almost everyone was successful...

Back inside, more jellies.  

Theresa wasn't so sure about this, but eventually she relented.  We got to touch some sea anemones.  We learned that when your fingers stick to their little tentacles, they are stinging, and that when your fingers stick to them, that's little hooks digging into your skin.  Luckily for humans, the hooks only penetrate about halfway through your skin layer and not deep enough to cause problems.  

We then followed Rich and Chi over to the Sea Otter exhibit.  They are so playful and friendly you just want to pet one.

Some strange rock crab.

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