Saturday, December 31, 2011

Randy's Donuts

The next morning, we all got up early and headed to yet another LA landmark.  Randy's Donuts.

It has been featured on countless shows and movies, one of the latest being Iron Man 2.

The donuts were very tasty.  So much so that Donald would take another trip back the next week to get donuts again.  The coffee and the lemonade, not so much.  Rita and Amy needed so much cream and sugar to make it okay to drink, and Abby poured her lemonade out in the grass after taking a couple sips.
Another interesting thing we noticed.  They didn't give any change when you paid.  Donald ordered a drink, wasn't told how much it was, gave them two dollars, and the worker just started helping the next customer.  The bill for donuts came out to $21.10.  We tried to pay with $30 and they asked if we had anything smaller.  When we gave them $22.00, they said Thank You and started helping the next customer.  Interesting strategy for getting tips...
Thanks Rich for buying donuts for everybody's breakfast!

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