Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ho Ho Holiday Event - A California Hayride at Ruston's house

The evening started early at Ruston's place.  We arrived right around 4:45pm and Ruston, Jacob, Scott and Jim were all already there.  Darn L.A. traffic making us late.  Oh well.  Ruston's place was all decorated for the holidays.

We dined on delicious sloppy joes, salad and chips and salsa.  And talked about the upcoming night.  So... 6 people and no one had a big car.  "That's okay," said Ruston.  "We can all squeeze into my car."  Hmm, I don't know about that.  I think that'll be a bit of a tight squeeze.
But as we walk down the stairs to the car, what do we see?  It's a Christmas miracle, Ruston's car turned into a mini-van!  

We hopped into the car and heard Christmas carols playing.  Ah, but wait.  "Pull down your tv monitors," Ruston said.  A burning fireplace on the screens while listening to Christmas music and heading to see Christmas lights.  What could be better?

We walked over to Christmas Tree Lane and listened to a couple choirs sing carols and then all counted down to the lighting of the trees.

Pretty impressive how they get those lights all the way up to those tall trees.

We joined the huge crowd walking down the lane while being led by a drum band.

Why are there weird shadows on this sign while I'm trying to take a photo?

Ah, that explains it.

Thanks for the cupcakes Scott!

Jacob must still feel like he's in Japan.

We then piled into our Christmas sleigh and went out to Hasting's Ranch where an entire neighborhood have decorated the houses in amazing light displays.
Back to Harker Summit where we had fun playing Trivial Pursuit and then enjoyed a tasty dessert made from scratch by Scott.

A fun night was had by all.  Thanks Ruston!

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