Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning at the Flowers' house

A very Merry Christmas morning to everyone!
Here's our Christmas stockings.  And even our tikis are getting into the spirit.

Our beautiful tree.

Yummy snacks.

Some lip smackers from Mom.

Thanks for the gift cards Patrick and Megan.

Jess, Jon, and the kids sent along some cookies.

Plus some homemade pillowcases.

Theresa said there is no way I'd guess what this gift was.

She was right.  Balsamic ketchup.  Mmm.  Should be tasty.

Theresa and her big gift.

A foot massager!  Unfortunately, it does not work nearly as good as the ones we found in Japan.  It also makes popping noises like it's not put together right.  Sadly it will be going back to Amazon.  I'll keep looking...

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  1. Did you like the one out here? It's a Brookstone i-need|CategoryWidget|634915p&catId=L2_MassageSale|L1_Massage