Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 26th - Christmas with Family

Everyone flew in on Christmas day (except Rich and Chi who got bumped and earned a nice chunk of change for it).  Once Rich and Chi arrived Theresa and I sent everyone to their rooms and got everything set up.

Theresa surprised everyone with a stocking of their own!  The adults all had large stockings with lots of presents.

The kids all had tiny stockings of their very own.

And what was inside?

Abby enjoying her coal.

And then Theresa came out with all their real stockings.

Everyone opening up their stockings.

Chi getting open a bag of Korean Red Dates

Thanks Aunt Theresa

Tasty dates

Tyler looking at the puzzle that will take up his next few days

Amy and Rita got Disney calendars we brought back from Japan

Rita loves her fruit snacks

Hooray for oatmeal creme pies

And Hillshire Farm sausages

Digging into some Reese's pieces

And then it was time to open up presents.  Chi got a nice Disneyland hat

We got the kids Toy Story Mania for Wii

And the girls each got mini pans and spatulas for cooking in the kitchen.  They made eggs for everyone the next day.

Richard always hands out the presents.

Looks like this one was for Theresa.

A new Tinker Bell Santa Hat.  A little small...

But it looks cute.  Chi later let it out so it would fit.

Rita opening her big present

A new Kindle!

Austin and Ethan both got snap circuits.  It's a cool toy that helps them learn how electric circuits work.  They would spend the afternoon playing with them building sirens, fans, switches, and lights.

A Goofy shirt for a goofy Uncle.

A yummy popcorn popper.

Amy thought the box looked awfully familiar but didn't think it could possible be another Kindle.

But it was!  

Everyone has fun with their presents

The kids all got hats we brought back from Japan.

A new griddle!

We'll all be making breakfast.

And Chi and Richard's final present.  A mosaic of a beach scene made of all their photos.

They were excited.

We all had a great time opening presents and laughing and smiling while everyone else opened theirs.  

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