Monday, March 19, 2012

Donald's 40th birthday in Michigan

Amy picked a really good theme for this party.

Along with a really nice cake.

But parties like this don't just happen by themselves.  Amy put a lot of work into getting it all together.

Blowing up balloons.

And lots of help in the kitchen.

The grill was well manned.  With 200-300 people coming, you've got to make a lot of food.

There was even a popcorn maker.

People really started rolling in and the gym was getting crowded.

Lots of burgers and hot dogs.

As well as a nacho machine

Some of the desserts people brought were just awesome.

And there was even a cotton candy machine!

My favorite!

Time for the cake!

That's a lot of candles.

He seems a little hesitant.


Who is that handsome photographer?

Donald is inducted into the Hall of Age.

And then it was time to get roasted.

Being cheap turned out to be a theme.  Abby shares how she has to say how much she loves Capri Sun before lunch every day.

Next up was a slideshow.  

Here's a small sampling of the photos.

Very nice job Amy.

And then everyone split.  Only an hour or so cleanup later the gym looked like this.

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