Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trip to Michigan - Day 1

It's Donald's 40th birthday, so Theresa and I went flew up to Michigan to celebrate with everyone.

And of course, any trip to the airport usually ends up with ice cream of some sort.  This time it just happened to be Pinkberry.

Rita, I really would have tried to bring some if I knew of a way it would keep for 6 hours.

On a completely full flight, it's always nice to get the 2 seater section of the exit row.

(Insert obligatory photo of us leaving Los Angeles)

Passing over some snow cover mountains.

We got in super late on Thursday night.  Friday we did all sort of things.  First Rita picked up a crave case (30) of White Castle hamburgers for lunch.  Mmm.  I ate my share.

Afterwards, I took all the kids to the local park where we played games for 3 hours.

Then we came back and had a quick dinner, then went outside again and played 4-square for 3 more hours (a kid's game with a big rubber ball).

Theresa had a fun event planned for the kids that night too.  Whenever we all go to Disneyland, they end up getting those flavored sugar sticks.  Well Theresa decided we could make those ourselves.  She bought all the ingredients earlier in the day along with a few different kinds of food coloring.

We ended up making lots of different tasty flavors.  There was a blue raspberry, orange, lemon, coconut, vanilla, and strawberry.  I hope the parents enjoy all this sugar we're giving their kids.

Ta-da. Everyone with the bags they made. 

After all the flavors were prepared, the kids could mix and match and make layers in their bottles.

And the whole time we were doing this, Rita was busy making cookies.  

Not too shabby!

And then even though it was already close to 9:45, Donald decided he wanted to go watch a movie.  Even though the girls complained a little bit, we chose Real Steel, the movie with the fighting robots.  Everyone really liked it, and even the girls were glad they saw it.  It was a long fun day with lots of stuff packed into it.  Tomorrow promises to be even more crazy!

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