Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 2 - Disney World with Ruston and Jacob

Our 2nd day at Disney World was spent mostly at Epcot.  We had reservations at Le Cellier late and we were still on West Coast time, so we rolled up to Epcot around 11am.  

One of our first stops was at the Seas and Finding Nemo.

It's the jellies.

It's really cool to see the projections where the characters look like they're in the aquarium with the rest of the fish.

Next we headed to Ruston's native land.  Canada!

Lunch was at the tasty Le Cellier

And with the dining plan, I have a feeling we're going to be pigging out.  Every meal includes a beverage (in this case milkshakes too), entree, and dessert. 

Celebrating Ruston's birthday with his Chocolate Moose dessert.

Everyone got dessert, so we all sampled each others.

It was getting hot so Theresa cooled down with a nice spray bottle.

Walking through Great Britain.

Next was over to France.  Theresa the gargoyle.

Everyone is a gargoyle.

We listened to the Voices of Liberty (always fantastic) then headed into the American Adventure. 

Sigh...  I don't think Theresa has ever seen this show all the way through. 

Next on our list was the Agent P World Showcase Adventure.  We went around Italy activating all sorts of hidden secrets.  Sadly they were all the same as the Kim Possible adventure that used to occupy this same space with just a little re-theming..

We made our way to China and watched some Chinese acrobats.

Then we enjoyed Club Cool.  Ruston especially enjoyed the Beverly drink from Italy!  Try it next time you're there!

The park was extremely empty the whole day.  It must have something to do with all the kids heading back to school the week before.  We walked over to the Land pavilion and then went on Theresa's favorite ride.

Living with the Land!  She especially enjoys all the fruiting plants.

We've been here around Spring Break when Soarin has a 2 hour wait.  Today, no wait.  Just walk right up to the loading zone.

Welcome to Soarin (...over California)

Ellen's Energy Adventure was next. 

Then we all went on Mission: Space.  Because it was the four of us together, we rode the tame version. 

For dinner, we went to Theresa's favorite restaurant from our last visit.  Les Chefs de France.

Unfortunately they've changed their menu since last time and what we had ordered before was not nearly as good as last time.  Not only that, but T and I both think we got food poisoning from here and we were both very sick the next day.

After dinner we watch Illuminations.  No photos this time.  Theresa and I just stood together and enjoyed it.  

On the way out I took a few photos of the Imagination pavilion.

Then a few more of Spaceship Earth.

But we're still not done yet.  Hollywood Studios happens to have extra magic hours, so since we got such a late start we headed over there to get a few more rides in.

Inside the Well of Souls with Indiana Jones.

Then off to Munchkinland. 

We went on a few more rides, like the Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoast, but at this point my stomach was starting to get upset.  We headed back to the hotel room and were in for the rest of the night.

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