Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

This morning I surprised Theresa with yet another Duffy bear.

Actually two Duffy bears.
The regular 12" Duffy is all dressed up in an Easter bunny outfit, and he even has bunny slippers.

The second Duffy is inside an Easter egg decorated with Mickeys.

And inside is Duffy dressed up as a baby chick.

Theresa surprised me with an Easter basket. It's got all the good stuff.  Cadbury eggs, cotton candy, Peeps, and lots of other tasty treats!  Mmm!

But the day isn't over yet.  There's still plenty more fun things to do!
Ruston and Jacob drove to our place to hang out on Easter.  We decided to go see a movie at the Arclight, which happened to be playing the perfect Easter movie - Olympus Has Fallen.

Okay, so I guess that movie doesn't have anything to do with Easter, but we still enjoyed it.  After the movie we picked it apart a little bit about why a certain character would do some things, but even with the small issues we saw, we still really liked it.

Once we got back home there were presents and Easter baskets that we exchanged.  Theresa made up Easter baskets for Ruston and Jacob, and Jacob brought Easter baskets for Ruston and us.  And Ruston brought flowers for the Flowers.

Very pretty.

We all sat down to a delicious Easter meal.  Theresa cooked a 10 pound ham, plus we had mashed potatoes, green beans, Hawaiian rolls, and Jacob made spoon bread (corn meal, corn, sour cream, butter, and other tasty goodness).  It was all so yummy and it was hard to stop eating.

We retired to the living room and decided to look back on a few of our fun adventures.  I pulled up photos from our Japan trip together from October 2011 and we had a great time reliving those fun memories.

Two hours later...  Dessert time already?  Good thing we've got some healthy options.  Ruston brought his Yonanas machine and we mixed frozen bananas and strawberries (and nothing else) and it made a tasty soft serve ice cream type dessert.  

I was shocked at how tasty it was.  This would be an easy way to eat more fruit.

And to give us a less healthy option, Theresa made some funfetti cupcakes with Easter sprinkles.  See those tiny Easter eggs mixed in with the sprinkles?  Cool!

It was an awesome day hanging out with friends!

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  1. We went to see Olympus has Fallen on Friday. I was able to match up many plot points with Die Hard 1. Took 3/4 of the movie to figure that out! Pretty good overall, though.