Friday, March 1, 2013

Rich and Chi visit - Beach day and Korean BBQ

One moment while I make a quick check of the temperatures in Michigan.  

 Yikes! Ok, what about here in California?

Looks like Theresa's parents, Richard and Chi planned the perfect time to come for a visit.

Seeing as how it's such a beautiful March day, we had to take advantage of it.  The beach is just down the street and always one of our favorite places to enjoy the sunshine.  We stopped by Chick-Fil-A then had a picnic lunch on the sand.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of laying in the sun and reading a book, as well as a leisurely stroll along the beach.

Of course, it's difficult to keep Chi idle for long.  After we got home, she started putting together the makings of a delicious Korean dinner.  

We've got egg rolls, rice, takuan (pickled Korean radish), bean sprouts, cucumber kimchi, and even chop chae.  But this is my favorite part of the meal. Kalbi, the Korean short ribs!

Everything was delicious! 

Jonathan and Lacey joined us for dinner too.  Being very adventurous eaters, they tried everything at the table and even found a few new things they liked.  Jonathan though the cucumber kimchi was tasty, and Lacey thought the takuan was delicious!

And the egg rolls were really good too.

What a fantastic meal!  Thanks Chi!

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