Monday, August 5, 2013

Aubrey's photos from the South Coast Botanic Garden

On Sunday, Rita, Aubrey, Theresa and I headed to the South Coast Botanic Gardens. I wrote about the rest of our experience in a separate post here.  Botanic Garden visit with Aubrey and Rita

Aubrey brought along her new camera and came back with so many great photos, I decided to create a post just for her shots!

Because I have no clue what many of these flowers are called, I'll just be presenting the photos without much accompanying text.

These bean pod type things were growing from a tree, though we couldn't find any signs telling us they type of tree.

A sausage tree, similar to the one seen at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom.

In my post, I showed an area that had a pumpkin patch. Surrounding it were other fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, cantaloupe, and red peppers.

Once we got to the rose garden, Aubrey went crazy taking photos of just about everything!

This final rose had a surprise inside!

Very nice job Aubrey. The photos are all looking fantastic!

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