Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Downtown Disney with Aubrey, Rita and Theresa

It's Aubrey and Rita's last day visiting from Michigan. When we asked Aubrey what she wanted to do on her last night here, she said Downtown Disney! Good Girl! So she likes Disney, volleyball and photography. Sounds like she's into all my favorite things! She's being raised right.

Same rules apply for these photos as before. If it's got rounded corners, Aubrey took it. Square corners are mine.

 She's happy to be back at Disneyland.

Everyone's a little hungry so we stopped by the Jazz Kitchen Express. Theresa has really been on an Icee kick and today was no exception. If our boy comes out cherry red, I'll know why.

Just a pre-dinner dessert. Aubrey's first time eating beignets, and she thought they were great!

The only way to eat these things.

We explored the rest of Downtown Disney doing a little bit of pin trading.

And walked through the Wonderground Gallery seeing all the new art. I'm really liking the new stuff by Noah and J. Scott Campbell.

Next we wandered the Disneyland hotels looking for pins to trade. We didn't have too much luck with the pin trading on this trip. There were a few cast members with pins to trade, but we saw the same pins all over the place. 

Shockingly even though they've gone to WDW multiple times they've never eaten at Earl of Sandwich. Time to remedy that. Aubrey started with the loaded baked potato soup and said "This is really good!" As soon as she tried the sandwich, she was loving it, and she's not even a big fan of sandwiches. 

What I think is the best sandwich there. Hawaiian BBQ, with chicken, ham, swiss cheese, a hawaiian bbq sauce and extra pineapples. Not a vegetable in sight and it's really tasty.

To finish the night, we're back at the Jazz Kitchen Express getting more beignets. These were so hot and fresh, you had to eat them with a fork because they were too hot to hold!

A fun powdered sugar smile.

On the both of us.

After 3 hours wandering downtown, it was finally time to go home.

It was great spending a week with Rita and Aubrey. We did a ton of fun stuff together! Come and visit more often!

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