Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ian's second Disneyland Visit

Hey, it's Saturday, let's go to Disneyland! Someone was a happy little guy.

Ian's first ride of the day.

Jacob met us outside the park, and another friend Cassie who I met at the 24 hour Disneyland event joined us. 

Little Mermaid was first on our list, but once we arrived at 1pm, it had been closed all morning.  Let's try another ride. Heimlich's Chew Chew train.

Even Ian had to make sure he was underneath the safety belt. 

The first thing he was really interested in was the safety warning sign. 

Ooh! Candy Corn!

We had a successful ride on Heimlich, though Ian was more interested in the vehicle than the surrounding view. 

Next was a ride we weren't sure if he would like or not, but you've got to give it a try anyway. Flik's Flyers rises up in the air and spins in a circle. 

Theresa gets sick, so she sat this one out. Just Jacob, Ian, Cassie and myself on this one. Ian was pretty indifferent to it all. At least he wasn't scared. 

Next up, one of Theresa's favorite rides in DCA, Monster's Inc. This is another dark ride similar to the one Ian wasn't a huge fan of last time, so we'll see how he does. 

He was a little tired. 

Oh, the ride is starting? Better open my eyes. 

How he spent most of the ride. 

At the end, Roz is standing there and usually has a comment for the vehicle. Today she complimented me and T and said we had a cute little monster. 

Since someone was tired, we headed over to Disneyland to get at least one adult ride in.

Even though it was a Saturday, Big Thunder Mountain only had a 20 minute wait. 

Cassie and I with Jacob behind us. 

I like the new ending scene with the exploding mine shaft. 

Cassie had to take off, so it's just the four of us heading to the next ride. 

There's my little monkey riding the Casey Jr Train. 

Again, he didn't really care one way or the other with this ride. 

Surely it's a small world will get some kind of reaction. As soon as we entered the show building, one hand grabbed mommy and the other grabbed me. 

Not long into it though he turned around into Theresa but still wanted to look all over the place at everything. 

And about halfway though, he was over any fears he had with it. When I held him, he kept trying to reach over the sides to touch the water. 

Afterwards we stopped to see the Mickey and the Magical Map show. It was our first time and we enjoyed it.

And Ian enjoyed the streamers at the end. 

We've got one last thing we have to do!

Of course Theresa's going to want to ride Winnie the Pooh. 

Ian wasn't a fan of this one last time. Now that he's 2 months older though, he did just fine. 

Even in the psychedelic Heffalumps and Woozles scene. 

And Theresa even brought us treats. We had a smackeral of honey to enjoy while we rode. 

Overall it was a very successful day at the parks. We're happy to be using our annual passes again, and happy that Ian is enjoying the parks a little more.


  1. That was always my favorite car on Casey Jr :)

  2. It was either Monkeys or the Wild Animal cage on Casey Jr. Why ride in a regular cart when you could be behind bars in a cage!