Saturday, August 22, 2015

2015 Disney Painting Day

It's August, so it's time for another painting day at the Flowers' house. We started around noon and enjoyed a lunch of chili-dogs and chips. By 1pm, everyone who had arrived started their paintings.

All of our paintings are based on the originals by Allison Lefcort. We just love her Disney pop-art style. We project the picture onto a canvas and trace with a pencil.

And from there you basically fill in your lines. It's a lot like paint-by-numbers.
Everyone getting into it, even Ian. Coloring is serious business.

Sam making good progress on Mickey and Pluto.

Judy is working a Mickey and Minnie for her niece, while Jacob is doing a painting for Baby Girl Flowers.

Throughout the day, we were visited by various friends and neighbors, including Elliot. We've got our bubble guns, let's go on a mission!

First, we make our way through the jungle.

Then sneak up and fire at our target.

Later, we were visited by Eliza, Chris, Jackson, and their new baby girl.
Ian's going to have a baby sister soon! He's already showing some concern.

After confirming everyone had a change of clothes, the water table came out, and was a big hit.

Ian just loves dumping buckets of water on his head.

And Elliot and Ian really got a kick out of each other, and played really well together.

Nicole still has quite a ways to go, but Steven is making really good progress on his Sorcerer Mickey.

Gene and Grace touching up an Aurora painting, and Ruston working on Cinderella, all for Baby Girl Flowers' room.

As is also tradition, we had spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner.

And Shannon brought some delicious cake from the King's Hawaiian Bakery.

After dinner, people started wrapping up their paintings as best they could. The light is starting to fade and soon we'll be painting in the dark.

Ian "painting" a canvas.

Ian found some shades.

Let's check some progress. Audrey Hepburn is coming along. Whew, she's detailed.

After getting a late start, Judy is finally starting the black on her painting.

Cinderella is looking great Ruston!

Nice work Kosoy family.

I think your niece will be very happy with it Judy.

And I'm sure Baby Girl Flowers will love her paintings. Thanks Jacob.

There's a ways to go, but it's looking good Nicole.

And Shannon showed up quite late today and only finished Oswald's shoes.

It was another fun painting day. Let's do it again next year!

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