Thursday, September 17, 2015

Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor - Final Night this year

Tonight is the very last night of the Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor this season. Jacob invited us down to Long Beach to join him and check out all the restaurants. Let's eat!

I get to use all these tickets, right Daddy?

After buying tickets, our very first stop was La Strada. Their bruschetta is delicious and on past visits, we've been known to buy 4-5 pieces. Surprisingly they didn't have any available this time. Instead, Ian and I split a spinach and alfredo pizza.

Panama Joe's again had a tasty jalapeƱo bacon mac and cheese.

Not quite but it was a pretty big dog.

At The Shore Public House we picked up a pork slider and some mac and cheese. Then right next door at the Japanese bistro were beef gyoza and teriyaki chicken. We grabbed a table and dug in.

Mmm. Teriyaki chicken.

Next at Powell's Sweet Shop they were selling little ice cream cones for just one ticket! Ian got a cookies and cream cone, while I got a coconut and macadamia nut ice cream cone.

Daddy's ice cream? Guess we're swapping. Mommy was smart and packed a bib.

Across the street at Domenico's T was pulling out all her tickets to buy a salad and penne with sausage pasta.

Jacob and I both got their delicious ground pepperoni pizza. Tip for them though. If someone asks for 2 pieces, make them about the same size. Don't have one that's 50% larger than the other.


At Simmzy's they finally had the brussels sprouts T liked so long ago.

She liked them at least. I thought they were meh.

At Le Creperie, the four of us split a chocolate and strawberry crepe.

What's this super long line for? Must be the Frosted Cupcakery!

According to the timestamps on my photos, we waited for nearly 20 minutes before finally making it to the front of the line. Cupcakes!

Today they've got red velvet mini cupcakes and salted caramel hi-tops (my favorite). Yum!

Picking the candy hearts off the tops.

But mostly loving the frosting.

Well it was another fun night at the Stroll and Savor. We'll be looking forward to coming back again next year!

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