Saturday, November 21, 2015

Alli's first trip to Disneyland!

For the past week, Ian's been talking about Disneyland, Disneyland, Disneyland. On Saturday, we joined up with Ruston and Jacob and took Alli on her very first visit to the parks! Just like they were with us on Ian's first visit to Disneyland!

Ian slept fine the night before, but this video was totally Alli. Alli must have been too excited to sleep the night before because she was up every couple of hours.

Before we head to the parks, we've got a quick stop to make. Every once in a while when Ruston is with us, he'll take us over to Company D, the Disney overstock store that sells lots of merchandise at half off. Company D is actually going to be closing at the end of the November and moving to a new location that has yet to be determined. Guess this is going to be our last visit for a while.

You never know what you're going to find here. But whatever you find, it's sure to be a deal. Everything is 50% off, plus they give cast members an additional 40% off during the holidays. That's 70% off regular prices!

What you might have a tough time finding is something in your size. Most items are XS or XL.

Found a really cute hat for Ian.

Oh boy, he's found the stuffed animals.

He's crazy for Duffy. 

Fuzzball from Captain EO is only $2.50?

Guess we're getting one.

Thanks for all the deals Company D! Hope you find a new place soon!

Time to head into the parks! After leaving Company D we tried to go to the Mickey and Friends parking lot, but it was closed and redirecting people. Off to the Toy Story lot. We grabbed a bus and left for California Adventure.

Too much excitement this morning. She's asleep for her first entrance into the park.

Uncle Ruston and Uncle Jacob were waiting for us and had a button waiting for Alli.

Who's hungry? For lunch, the six of us grabbed a bite to eat at Flo's V8 Cafe. It is November right? Then why is it 90 degrees outside? Sure is nice to be inside in the air conditioning.

I thought the ribs and mashed potatoes were pretty good. Ian agreed.

For a sweet finish to our meal, we stopped for a free chocolate square at the Ghirardelli shop. Ian loves chocolate so I gave him his own.

A couple minutes later, he turns around in his stroller and says "messy mommy". Ha! You've never seen T move so fast.

So Alli's first ride. Since Ian's favorite ride at Disneyland is King Arthur's Carrousel, Alli's first ride is King Triton's Carousel of the Sea!


Let's ride! Well it turns out that kids have to have the belt strap wrapped around them, or ride on the bench.

Great picture Uncle Ruston! It's got all 6 of us in it!

Fun times on the carousel!

With no line, let's get back on!

This time Ian's riding with Uncle Jacob while me and T ride with Alli up front.

Ruston's grabbing video from the sidelines.

Just one more ride for us before we go. Ariel's Undersea Adventure is always fun.

Alli was pretty amazed by all the lights and noises all over the place.

She was wide-eyed and turning her head back and forth checking everything out.

Nice job little girl.

Well we're way overdue for a nap, so that'll just about do it for us today.

Alli decided to get a head start on that nap.

Thanks for joining us in the parks today!

Well it was a pretty successful day. Alli did great on her first real trip out of the house. Let's hope there's lots more of these trips in the future!

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