Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday morning Disneyland plus a stop into Club 33

Happy Sunday! Now that we're back in town from our holiday travels it's time to visit our Happiest Place on Earth!

These light Sunday morning crowds are just the best! Being January 8th though, it was a little odd hearing all the Christmas music playing and seeing people standing in line to take pictures in front of the giant Christmas tree.

But again, it's nice to have so much room to walk around.

And you never know who you might bump in to. Merida asked us if we had seen her brothers.

What do you want to ride first Ian? Actually he pointed at the Matterhorn as we were walking by it. Give it a few more years buddy.
Instead we'll ride Gadget's Go Coaster! And it was a walk-on! No line at all!
First ride!

Second ride!

Ian was really excited to see Uncle Jacob.

In fact, given the choice, he chose to ride with Uncle Jacob all the remaining times...
Third ride!

Fourth ride, and the front row again!

Ride number 5! Ian's always said he wanted to ride it five times. This morning because of the short lines we were finally able to do it!

Watching Mommy and Alli at the top of the lift hill as they patiently wait for us to be finished.

Time for the next ride. The holiday version of it's a small world!

Alli's latest thing is ducks (since she can pronounce it pretty good). You'd be surprised how many animatronic ducks there are on it's a small world. She would point them out and loudly proclaim "Duck!" as we floated past.

Finally finally finally we got to ride on the Jingle Cruise. On past visits, the line has always stretched out the ride entrance. Today even though the posted wait time was 20 minutes, it only took us 10 minutes to make it to the front of the line and board.

Skipper - "Say goodbye to all the beautiful people on the docks." "Yeah, I didn't see any either."

I thought the Jingle Cruise version of the Jungle Cruise was a really fun twist on the original.

Time to feed the ducks!

Today we also happen to be meeting up with some old friends. Push the button Alli!

Ian just loves this bird.

Inside the Club 33 Salon Nouveau, and it was practically empty.

Alli enjoying a couch all to herself.

I'm not sure about other days, but I know Sundays are special at the Club. That's when characters come to visit! And today we get the big two! Mickey and Minnie!
Alli was pretty shy around Minnie. She started to go towards her, but then reconsidered.

Mickey was just fine.

Obligatory family photo.

Where's Minnie's nose?

Time to sit and wait for the birdie to talk...

He sure does love him.

The best part of meeting the characters up here is that there's hardly anyone else waiting to see them. The kids get so much 1 on 1 time with them. Really an outstanding benefit to being a Club 33 member if you have young kids.

And when no one is visiting with them, Minnie and Mickey dance to the jazz music that is playing in the background.

And finish with a spin!

And Minnie and Mickey shop for the things they want to buy. Time for Mickey and Minnie to go visit someone else. They'll be back in 30 minutes.

In my continuation of trying beverages from the Temperance (non-alcoholic) section of the menu, today I tried an Abita Root Beer from Louisiana, made with real Louisiana Cane Sugar. Not bad at all. You can get them yourself too. Just $50 shipped from Amazon for a 12 pack.

After running to the restroom for a diaper change, we ran into Mickey and Minnie again. Alli still wasn't too sure about Minnie, but was happy to go up to Mickey and give him a hug.

And grab his finger and lead him around the lobby of the club.

After nearly 2 hours catching up with our friends, it was time to split.

Alli practically ran out of the Salon back into the lobby to see if you-know-who was still there.

And they were! And wouldn't you know it, this time instead of going up to Mickey...

She headed right towards Minnie.

Gave her a hug.

And sat down in her lap. Now if only Minnie had a picture book.

One last big hug to Mickey before we go.

And a kiss on the nose. Aww. Sweet Alli.

Time for them to go too. Bye Mickey and Minnie!

Ian is one patient kid when he wants to be.
Ian - "We'll wait to hear the birdie talk."
Ryan - "How long will it take?"
Ian (very cheerfully) - "We just have to wait a few minutes."

Well after a few minutes the birdie still hadn't talked. Ian, it's time to go buddy. Just as we started to walk out the door, Alfred the Vulture finally speaks up. Good timing.

It was a fun quick visit to the park today. After we left the Club, the park was packed and pretty nuts. Instead of fighting with the crowds, we decided to pack it up and head home. We'll be back again soon!

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