Sunday, May 21, 2017

Practicing for the Pasadena Chalk Festival and Bring Your Own Cup Slurpee Day

This will be my third year participating in the Pasadena Chalk Festival. Even though Ruston and I are old pros at this by now, we still think it's important to practice what we're doing ahead of time. This year we're paying tribute to classic Disneyland with a recreation of one of the original posters.
In trying to decide which poster to do, I asked Ruston and he commented "Something with not a lot of black." I'm with you on that one. It's super hot every year and that black just absorbs the heat.

I set my camera up to take a photo every 15 seconds so I could put together a time compressed video. The battery in the camera died after an hour or so, so you'll see a jump in progress in the middle.

We've got our stencil down. Now just have to fill it all in.

These colors are really popping.

By happy circumstance, today also happen to be "Bring Your Own Cup" Slurpee Day! Ruston and I were hard at work, so Theresa, Jacob, and Ian all walked over, promising to bring some back for us.
What have you got Theresa? A gallon jug, very nice. Filled with Pepsi Fire for me. The cinnamon flavor was very subtle. I would have liked it to come through a bit stronger.

Wow. That's a giant Cherry Coke Jacob.

Oh my. What a happy boy. A gigantic container of blue and red.
The 7/11 clerk asked if we were going to really drink all that? T said that they were bringing some home and sharing it.

That's a more reasonable size to drink.

In total they got 3.7 gallons of Slurpee for $4.50. Yum!

Once they got home, Ruston and I were just about finished.
Ian - I really like your letters Ruston. Daddy I like the green part.
Thanks buddy. Yours looks good too.

I came inside to grab something. Poor Alli. Staring out the window just watching us.

Just about finished. A couple finishing touches.

Turned out pretty good I think.

Obligatory photo. We learned a few lessons for when we do it for real on Father's Day weekend in Pasadena.

Ian's started out as a Tiki Bird. Then he saw Ruston blending chalk, so he smudged everything together. Afterwards it became Gadget's Go Coaster.
He was really proud of it too.

Ian - Grammy, do you want to see my drawing? (goes and shows her)
        Grandpa, do you want to see my drawing? (goes and shows him)
        Next door neighbor, did you see my drawing? Come with me and I'll show it to you.

And then he started getting a little bit cocky.

Ian - My drawing wins First Place. Daddy and Ruston, yours is Second Place, okay?

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