Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy 16th birthday Abby!

It's Abby's Sweet 16th birthday party!

To celebrate, we're flying to Michigan!

Alli really really wanted to see her Grandpa.

Made it to Michigan!

Before we celebrate her birthday, we're going to watch Aubrey play in a volleyball tournament. Here in Michigan there's a few restaurants we don't have back home. Like Tim Horton's. Known for their coffee, but also for their donuts. Ian, which one do you want? Of course the birthday cake one with sprinkles.
Ian - My tummy loves donuts!

Alli liked them too.

Made it to the volleyball tournament. Aubrey caught us in between games to say hi.

You had to keep an eye on Alli. She wanted to join the action and would run out into the middle of the court if someone wasn't keeping an eye on her. Between games she did just that!

Hi Aubrey!

Later that night, it was time for the party!

Beautiful centerpieces for each of the tables.

There's a bit of family in town here for it.

Alli closing her eyes while Donald prays for the food.


Everyone enjoying all the pizza at the kids table.

Alli spies chocolate.

Ethan, can you open it?

I'm going to eat you.

Nom Nom Nom.

And now, it's time for cake.

Donald saying a few words about the birthday girl, including the origin of her name. Abigail in Hebrew means "my father's joy".

And during the sweet moment of hearing about Abby's name, Alli comes running up to interrupt it. After getting led over to Mommy, all you hear is "Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate..." Little girl...

Who doesn't love cake.

Or icing.

Oh Alli. You're silly.

Giving Abby her gift.

And then posing for a picture with the birthday girl.

Ian felt the need to pose when other family members were getting their pictures too.

Ian, Ian. You even smile bigger for other people's photos.

Thank you everyone for coming!

The next day we'd hang out and then get ice cream later that night.

Who doesn't love ice cream covered in sprinkles.

Time to fly home. Ian and Alli got so many "aww"s as they held hands walking down the jet bridge and down the aisle of the plane.

After we connected in Vegas, when we boarded the next plane, Ian turned left as soon as we got onto the plane instead of right. The flight attendant said "Sure, go ahead and tell the pilots hi!"

You've got to love friendly pilots. She gave Ian a bunch of stickers, and when we got off the plane she was waiting for us with a pair of wings for both kids.

Happy to be home.

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