Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 Downtown Disney Eggstravaganza

Two down, one to go. We had a great time finding eggs in Disneyland and California Adventure. Now it's time to find eggs in Downtown Disney.

Here's where we're looking. Thankfully for us, Downtown Disney is linear and we can march from one end to the other without any backtracking.

Perched on top of the La Brea Bakery Café is Minnie.

The World of Disney is pretty huge inside. Lucky for us Donald was just inside the door.

The map tells us there is an egg at Starbucks but doesn't say which one.

There's Mickey by the sign.

Can't say I've ever been in a Sanuk store. We're here today though looking for eggs.

It's the White Rabbit.

Right next door is the Häagen Dazs where we'd find the next egg.

Love how he squints with one eye when he's really trying to focus on pointing out something.

It's Chip!
Ian - Can we go inside now?

Nothing on the outside of Disney Vault 28, better head inside.

They really tucked this one away in here. This is a view from the back of the store.

Can't see her from the entrance, and you have to walk quite a ways into the store to find her. It's Daisy.

At D-Street it was a little difficult to see who was looking at us through the window.

Maybe it'll be easier to find it from inside. I see a little bunny tail.

Ian found him.

It's Thumper!

At Chapel Hats Ian found the next egg.

There it is.

It's Dale in a cowboy hat.

Inside the Wonderground Gallery it's Goofy.

At Disney's Pin Traders we looked around the outside and inside of the store a bit before finally noticing Jessie in the planter out front.

Woody was inside the Lego Store.

Alli - Woody!

The Rainforest Cafe was our very last egg.


Time for our last prize. A Nemo egg!

Congratulations to all the egg hunters!

That was a long day. No surprise he fell asleep in the car on the way home.

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