Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 Disneyland Eggstravaganza

It's the 2017 Disneyland Egg-stravaganza!
I had been wondering if it would be back this year. Disney took a really long time to announce it this year, waiting until March 21st to announce that the hunt begin on April 1st and last only 16 days.
The Flowers family had already made plans to be on vacation in early April, so I was really worried we weren't going to be able to participate this year. My fears were justified too, because Disneyland sold out of all the maps on April 12th, before I was able to get to the resort and pick them up.
Luckily for us, Jacob grab one of each map for us while we were away! Thanks Jacob!

The locations are spread out all across Disneyland. With two kids in tow, I wasn't sure how the day was going to go. Hopefully they're into it. And here's what we're in for.

Alli has the map, Ian has the stickers, we're ready to go!

Being in Fantasyland, our first clue tells us to look at Peter Pan.

Perched high above Peter Pan is appropriately...

Tinker Bell!

Ian peeled off the sticker and gave it to Jacob to put on the map.

Next was the Mad Hatter in Fantasyland. Here Ian was quick to find...

Mr Toad, right next to his wild ride.

"it's a small world" was next. I'm glad I saw this as we were walking towards the ride. It's a little tricky putting it in this outer area away from the ride.

Here we find Goofy!

Alli sees him too!

Here's the sticker.

At Redd Rocket's Pizza Port, we'd search for our next egg.

Ian is really good at finding them. So far he's been able to pick out the eggs from a long ways away.

Found you Thumper!

Alli admiring the map.

Ian wanted to show Dale that he was on a sticker. He's cute.

On our way through the hub, I showed Ian another Dale that he's probably never noticed before.

At Bengal Barbecue I couldn't find anything out front, but walking towards the back, we found Daisy hiding out.

There you are Daisy.

I was wondering where our next egg would be on Tarzan's Treehouse. A quick look up showed we wouldn't have to go far.

Donald is hiding up in the crows nest.

The next hint was New Orleans Square balcony. There's a lot of balconies here, but hiding amongst them was Chip.

Hi Chip.

Hiding out above Splash Mountain was Dale.

Time to backtrack. Over to the Westward Ho Trading Company in Frontierland.

Pluto! He's a giant Easter Egg! He's really huge!

Just inside the door we did find Pluto!

All the eggs around the outside of the park are done. There's three more along Main Street to find. Our first stop is the Baby Care Center.

There's Minnie.

At the Main Street Magic Shop we would look up and find...

The White Rabbit!

Our very last egg. By the process of elimination, we know it's Mickey Mouse, but we can't leave without finding him. Over to the Disneyana store.

Almost as soon as we walked in, Ian's already pointing and saying Mickey Mouse!

Ian, you found all the eggs! Know what you get when you find them all? A prize!

It's Lady from Lady and the Tramp. Great job buddy!

Ian - I love the Easter Egg hunt!
I'm glad buddy. Next we're going over to California Adventure to do another one!

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