Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 Disney California Adventure Eggstravaganza

After a very successful egg hunt over at Disneyland, it was time to continue the egg-stravaganza at Disney California Adventure. Right at the entrance there was a photo op that we took advantage of.

The official maps had sold out 4 days ago, but they were giving away color copies of the map that you could use. No prizes though. Good thing Jacob grabbed maps for us last week!

Here's the map we're following.

Nothing on the front side of the Carthay Circle Theatre. Almost started turning around to look a little closer, but looking really high at the back balcony we finally spotted Thumper.

Way at the top.

Inside the Gone Hollywood store, there was Mickey.

It's lunchtime. Theresa, Jacob, and I planned to enjoy the Food and Wine Festival booths. The kids are happy with hot dogs. The filmstrip fries at Award Wieners are much better than chips.

Part of the Food and Wine festival presentation, a chef is showing the crowd how to prepare the Grilled beef tenderloin slider with chimichurri sauce.
The festival ends tomorrow, so it's our last chance to try our favorites. First stop is a booth to pick up the $45 card for 8 items, which makes all these expensive prices a little more reasonable. But oh no! All the cards sold out yesterday! D'oh! Well instead of spending $45 on food today, we'll just get a few things.

I wonder it that explains the super short lines at all the booths I've seen so far.
First up, my favorite item of the festival: the strawberry-pineapple float. Alli really wanted some.

She was a fan.

And Ian drained his too.

Jacob and Theresa decided to split the Korean kimchi street tacos. Much bigger portion today compared to the last time we were here.

Hey, it's Mister Incredible! Stopping by to give Ian a quick five and thumbs-up for the hot dog on his tray.

Time to find more easter eggs. The Disney Animation building was next. Inside or outside? Outside but way up high.

The White Rabbit looks a little scared to be perched so high.

Most of the eggs aren't too hard to find. The location on the map is fairly specific. This next one though was a tough one. "a bugs land" is pretty huge! We walked across it twice before asking for a little help.

Hiding among the clovers was Mater.

At Radiator Springs Curios, we searched the rooftops and even went inside the store. Should have just followed the sign. Here it is.

There's Lightning McQueen.

After grabbing chocolate bunny from the Ghirardelli store, and some bread from the bakery, our next egg would be found at the Lucky Fortune Cookery.

There's Minnie!

All the way back to the Boardwalk area for our next stop.

As we were rolling into the store at the Boardwalk Bazaar, Ian was already pointing out the next egg.

There's Daisy.

Back at the Annual Passholder booth, they scanned our APs and then told us they were out of the special AP buttons. Not sure why they're scanning passes in the first place then. Oh well. Off to the Corn Dog castle for our next egg.

On the walk from the Corn Dog Castle to the next egg, I opted to get a small snack. The wagyu beef and polenta was my second favorite item from the festival.

Inside the Redwood Creek challenge trail there are two eggs to be found.

The map tells us there's two eggs in here. One at the Waterfall and another at the Sequoia. Good thing there's this map at the entrance telling us where everything is. Looking back at this photo later, I got a chuckle.

We walked through the Sequoia and found nothing. Over at the waterfall we also looked all around and found nothing. Time to wander through the rest of this area and see if we find anything.

Found some slides!

Ian went down it and immediately wanted to go again.

Please can we go again? Jacob ended up taking him 2 more times.

Still no luck finding those eggs. Back to the map to see if there's anything we missed.
Well I see something I missed right below the map!

It's Chip!

Continuing the same thinking, Jacob soon found Dale right outside.

Asking a cast member we learned that since the Redwood Challenge Trail closes at 7pm, some people weren't able to complete the hunt. The eggs were moved to the entrance afterwards.

Man this kid is good. He found this one before any of us all the way from the entrance at Rushin' River Outfitters.

Just one egg left at Soarin' Around the World.

There's Goofy.

With our second hunt complete, it's time for another prize!

It's Tramp, to match Lady!

One more hunt to go in Downtown Disney!

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