Sunday, April 9, 2017

Disney's Aulani Day 11 Part 2 Making Leis and Exploring Aulani

When we last left off with the Aulani trip, the boys and I were just finishing up a Menehune hunt.
Hi Stitch! Just a random Disney character wandering around.
Upon returning to the community center to return our tablet, there were tables set up such that you could make your own Hawaiian leis.

Ian's doing a great job making them all by himself. Just shove the needle through the base of the flower a few dozen times and you've got a necklace! Ethan thought perhaps he'd do a bracelet since it was taking a little while.

Looks fantastic buddy. Who is that going to be for? Ian - Mommy and Alli! Guess we're going to have to make a second one then.

Wow. That's a lot of flowers. Once he was finished he took it over to the cast member to tie into a necklace.

Trying this one on. He made one for Alli too, then it's off to deliver it. She should be awake from her nap by now, right?

Oh my. Look at that giant smile. She loves it.

Great job making your sister happy Ian. Now where is mommy?

Found her. Down in the lounge chairs enjoying the sunshine.

Unfortunately after 11 days together, it's time to say goodbye to some of our group. My parents and T's parents are both heading home a day early. The kids got some last minute grandparent time before  they took off.

Big hugs.

One last family photo together.

All packed up for the airport!

Ian can't go in there!

It's just around sunset, so everyone changed into nicer clothes and we headed to the lagoon to take family photos.

A group shot. I can't tell you how many it took for everyone to be looking at the camera and smiling.

The boys.

The girls.

Hahaha. Alli's face.

After getting the kids to sleep, Rita agreed to watch them while Theresa and I went out. The resort looks great at night.

Theresa and I made our way towards the lobby and heard some great Hawaiian music being played. We grabbed a seat and listened to Sonny Kapu and his mother Marsha Kapu. It was so relaxing.

After the set was over we talked a little bit.

And Theresa got to check out the washtub bass.

Theresa headed back to the room, while I took a little more time to explore the resort after dark.
Ah, the Stitch Tiki Statue!

Just a couple month ago, I remember this was referenced during Minnie's Moonlit Madness 2017 during the trivia portion. So, what's the answer?

It's C. Singing and chanting. No one said Moonlit Madness Trivia was easy. Betcha this question was written by Craig, like most all the other Aulani questions that come up during Moonlit Madness Trivia.

Heading around to the front of the resort. There's Taro growing in the fountains leading up to the resort.

And I love the hanging lanterns in and around the trees.

I could have sworn I saw a lizard shadow crawling on one of these... I know that during the Menehune Adventure Trail you can make one of the lanterns in the lobby do the same thing, have a lizard shadow crawling on the inside of the glass dome. I wonder if the same thing is out here.

I believe these three tikis are all different interpretations of the legendary Maui.

The resort really is beautiful. If you go, check out the front side of the resort too!

Time to head back to the room, but not before stopping by the gift shop. The music that plays in the elevator has been great. Disney music with a Hawaiian twist. I was very happy to see that it was available to buy on CD.

Hidden Mickeys are everywhere. And you usually find him in the carpet of the Disney hotels. I like how he's just a little bit different here at Aulani.

Tomorrow's our last day. Better make it a good one!


  1. What a full day! Really cute initial interaction between Mickey and Alli, and then later Ian before breakfast. So thoughtful and heartwarming that Ian thought of making leis for both Alli and Mommy...what a brother! The group shot at sunset captured the lighting perfectly...everyone had the golden tan look, so apropos. The night shots make Aulani look so surreal...must be the way the lights reflect off everything I suppose. Didn't know the hidden Mickeys were done that way in Aulani. Mahalo for sharing. Looking forward to the "last day" TR.

    1. Ian is certainly a sweet one. He's a thoughtful guy.
      I do love the nighttime shots. They just glow like nothing you can get during the day. I don't get as much opportunity as I'd like to take them.