Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dole Pineapple Plantation and Pineapple Express - Day 4

Since we're on the island of Oahu, there was a "must do" on our list. It's the Dole Pineapple Plantation! Dole sponsors one of our favorite rides back at Disneyland, The Enchanted Tiki Room, plus they serve the always delicious Dole Whip at Disneyland too.

That's got to be the biggest Dole Whip I've ever seen.

There's a few paid experiences here at the plantation. We're skipping the World's Largest Maze because it takes at least 45 minutes and I don't know that the kids would really enjoy it. Instead, for $15 each we'll get to do the Pineapple Express Train Tour and the Plantation Garden Tour.

Just a short walk away, we crossed over the train tracks.

Pineapple Express Train Tour - Along this two-mile, 20 minute, narrated train tour, you'll learn the history of the pineapple and hear the story of James Dole, who pioneered the pineapple industry in Hawaii. You'll travel through a working plantation and enjoy scenic views rarely seen by visitors.

With such a large group, we just missed the last train. Oh well. First in line for the next one.

At least it gave us a few opportunities for photos.

Theresa put on her tour guide hat and described all the nearby plants in detail for us.

I have a feeling there should be ice cream in here.

Finally our train arrived. Before you board, they set up a photo-op for each family. They give you a pineapple to hold and take your photo by the engine. After the ride is over, we had the opportunity to purchase a print for $30.

The 16 of us took up the entire first car.

We passed various field machinery.

And a few other trees, but only large dirt fields. No pineapples.

There's the pineapple! We'd learn that after harvesting, they give the ground a break for a season before planting again.

A look at the lake where some of the water comes from.

There really isn't too much to the train tour. You go out, and then come back right beside the same tracks you went out on.

There's another train making it's way out. You can see the large empty fields in the background.


After the Pineapple Express, we'd check out a few of the other offerings. What pretty Flowers.

There's also a fish pond nearby, and you can buy food pellets to feed them.

The fish go absolutely crazy for the food.

They've just got their mouths open trying to eat anything that falls down.

The birds nearby also like to eat the fish food.

Let's go see what else the Dole Plantation has to offer.

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