Saturday, April 15, 2017

Decorating Easter Eggs

Happy Easter! Time to decorate some eggs!

It starts with 2 dozen eggs.

I set everything up on the front lawn so we can be as messy as we want. Ian waited until Alli got shoes on. They grabbed hands and ran towards where everything was set up.

Getting into the spirit with some fun hats.

Ian helping out to dye the water.

Adding drops of pink.

One new thing I wanted to try this year. Adding rice to a cup, adding dye to the rice, and shaking it to make a speckled look.

The kids got really into it.

Sometimes you can shake it a little too hard I suppose.

Along with dye and rice, a few eggs got stickers.

She had a really good time dyeing the easter eggs. Alli wanted to be a part of everything.

Time to take the eggs out of their dye baths.

Ian getting into it too.

That's a bunch of eggs!

Hope everyone had a great time!

Tomorrow the Easter Bunny will come and hide them all!

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