Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Baskets and Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny came to visit us!

After a delicious lunch of steak, corn, green beans, and Hawaiian rolls, it was time to see if the Easter Bunny stopped by the house.

Waiting on the front porch were easter baskets for both Ian and Alli.

Alli was very excited to find candy inside the eggs.

There's lots of tasty candy inside their baskets, plus some coins, and a book.

Chocolate! Alli was all over the Hershey's kisses.

Once she learned how to open them herself, I counted at least 4 that she ate.

Next it was time to check the yard for easter eggs.

Ian was itching to go, but he still waited for Alli to get there.


It was fun watching them run around for the eggs. They'd be on one side of the yard and see an egg on the opposite side. They'd run over to get it, completely oblivious to the eggs immediately around them.

Ooh, that one was under a leaf.

The one with star stickers was hiding under a tree.

Thank you Easter Bunny! Alli gave him a kiss before we all went back inside.

 Time to open our eggs and get more goodies.

Just yesterday the four of us were over at Jacob's house.
Jacob said that the Easter Bunny must have been confused, because he left two easter baskets for Ian and Alli at his house too!

Even more candy! Yay!

Pez! Thanks Easter Bunny!

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