Sunday, April 2, 2017

Farmer's Market, Swap Meet, Gelato - Day 3

Happy Saturday from Hawaii! Very pretty girls. I love the beautiful flowers.

Alli loves her cousins.

After last night's Eat the Street food festival, you'd think we'd be finished with food.

But this morning we're at the Kapi'olani Community College Farmers' Market. Bring on all the fresh Hawaiian fruits!

The trees in this area have these long brown seed pods that have been dropping all over the ground.

Ian thought it was hilarious to grab them and ask people if they wanted beef jerky. Donald was more than happy to play along.

Mmm. Bananas.

There were plenty of food booths around as well.

I was thinking of getting a pineapple, but we're going to the Dole plantation a little later in the trip.

A delicious orange creamsicle.

So many of the things we got were shared. It was tasty.

Here they were squeezing sugar cane right in front of you to drink.

Chocolate and strawberry crepe anyone?

Even though it was pretty early, there were still plenty of people sitting down and having a meal.

The last place I saw these kind of octopus balls was in Japan.

Hmm. Maybe not for breakfast.

These apple bananas have a little bit different flavor than the bananas that you usually find at the store.

T grabbing a giant bag of kettle corn for the house and then it's off to our next stop for the day.

The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is enormous.

Completely encircling the stadium, there's over 400 different vendors here.

Ian and Alli were drawn to a vendor that had lots of toys. Grab a car for 25 cents!

Alli was happy with her toy. She started pushing it along the ground as we walked around.

Fresh coconut water! I think it's gross, but I know a little boy who loves it.

I'd say his smiles were just as big today as they were 2 years ago when we were in Kauai at the Plantation Railway and he was drinking coconut water out of a fresh coconut there.

There's not a whole lot more we were looking for at the swap meet, so we left everyone there and left with the parents to head back to the house.
Hey Ian, want to spoil your lunch? On the way home is a highly rated gelato shop called Via Gelato.

They've got all sorts of interesting flavors, and the menu changes every week. Almond joy? Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Of course we've got to try some samples. Once Ian learned that all you have to do is ask, he asked to try just about everything. The manager helping us was having a great time with it too. He was happy to see him so excited about ice cream and kept handing him sample spoons.

They make their own fresh waffle cones here too!

T and I both liked a couple of the same flavors. The fierce chocolate was an incredibly rich chocolate flavor. The strawberry ume sorbet was also really delicious.

After trying all the different flavors, and even requesting some they didn't have (Ian - do you have Superman ice cream), Ian finally decided on the Watermelon sorbet.

Alli helped grandpa with his chocolate cherry amaretto.

And then came over to help T finish her ice cream too. I had seen on their Yelp reviews some of the other flavors they offered. Things like Frosted Flakes, Toffee, Lucky Charms, Maple Bacon, Nerds, Peeps, and many more. While looking around the store right before we left, I did see they had a freezer with a few extra flavors. Score! They had a Samoa Girl Scout cookie gelato in a pint to-go!

Back at the house T shared a bit of the taro bread she had picked up from the farmer's market this morning.

It was delicious.

Along with the family get together, we're also celebrating Austin's birthday. Happy birthday buddy.

The rest of the day, we'd just hang out around the house.

Alli is getting so cute. She loves to watch 5 Little Ducks on Grandpa's computer. She's starting to sing along now too!

Playing some connect 4 with Aunt Rita.

Tomorrow is another busy day!

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